1st Whittlesford Rainbows
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Summer Term 2006

19th April: Space

We looked at pictures of planets and nebula.

We then made constellation telescopes, puppet aliens and 'stain glass' space pictures.

At the end of the meeting we sang Alice the Camel and Cuddly Koalas.

26th April: African Safari

We started the meeting by playing Lions and Wildebeast.

We then ate exotic fruit with the Lemurs of Madagascar, made sand camel pictures in Morocco, played grassland animal pairs in Tanzania and made penguin masks in South Africa.

3rd May: Adventure Out Badge - Fire!


At the start of the meeting we played What's the time Vampire. We then made edible bonfires, cooked smores over candles, made fire safety candles and tried fire safety crosswords and wordsearches. Those who finished also coloured in a fire safety poster. At the end of the meeting we had an imaginery camp fire round our edible bonfires. We listened to stories (The Useless Troll and The Worst Monster) and sang Pizza Hut and learnt a new song called Boom Chick.

10th May: Adventure Out Badge - Water!

water races  frog  Making frogs

We began by making pom-pom frogs. We then played a team game in which we put together a jigsaw of a pond. We then played a game called Fishes and went outside to hunt for star fish. We then had water races. At the end of the meeting we learnt some new songs - Crazy Elephant and Auntie Monica. We also sang Boom Chick and Pizza Hut.

17th May: Adventure Out Badge - Air!

relay race  balloon experiment  teddy parachute

We began by making pencil cases with birds on them. We then played a relay race that involved blowing through a straw. After this Panther showed us some 'magical' science experiments that used air (and we tried two of our own). We then made a teddy parachute.

7th June: Adventure Out Badge - Earth!

Making mud cups Making natural pictures Making plaster casts

As we arrived we coloured pictures of woodland animals. We then made mud cups, pictures from natural objects and plaster casts of animal tracks.

14th June: Round About the World - Look!

Making puppet backdrops   puppet theatre

We looked at photographs of camouflaged animals. We then went outside in teams to look for red, yellow and green wool. We found lots of red wool, a little yellow wool, but no green wool because it was too well camouflaged! We then made puppet theatres for camouflaged aliens. At the end of the meeting we listened to a story about a chameleon.

21st June: Round About the World - Laugh!

Spider game  Edible spiders  Pet spiders  Spider's webs

At the start of the meeting we sang 'Oh I wish I was a Little Round Orange', 'Alice the Camel' and 'Three Little Angels'. We then played the Bean game. After this we made pet spiders, sparkley spider webs, edible spiders and played a spider game. At the end of the meeting we sand 'Crazy Elephant' and 'Auntie Monica'.

28th June: Round About the World - Learn!

chameleon tortoise python Milk snake

This week we had a visit from the Reptile Experience. We held snakes, lizards, a tortoise and a chameleon. At the end of the meeting we sang lots of songs.

5th July: Round About the World - Love!

This week we learn about the WWF's Rainbow Covenant. We made a 'tweak my beak' energy saver owl to fit over our light switch at home. We also made a colourful bracelet and played Please Mr Vampire.

12th July: Pirate Promise Party

We came dressed as pirates. After our new Rainbows made their promise we played N-S-E-W. We then rolled cannons at ships, played pin the flag on the ship, guessed where the treasure was and made parrots and eye patches. At the end of the meeting we ate some yummy party food.