Rainbow Resources



Pictures from Natural Objects

collecting for the picture         
Making the pictures

Take the Rainbow outside to collect leaves and twigs that have fallen on the ground. You might also find (or provide) some charcoal and chalk. Give the Rainbows a large sheet of coloured paper and let them make a 'natural' picture.

Animal Track Plaster Casts

making plaster casts  Mixing up the plaster

Talk to the Rainbows about animal tracks and how they are made. Provide animal tracks (I got my kitten to walk across seed trays filled with earth and sand). Get the Rainbows to cut a piece of card, write their name on it and staple it in a circle. Place the card over the track. Help them to mix up plaster of paris and then pour it over the track. The tracks need to be quite deep to work.


Mud Cups


Give each Rainbow a plate and a digestive biscuit. Rainbows should cover the top of the biscuit with chocolate icing. On top of this they should place sweets to represent the flames of the fire. On top of this they should put broken chocolate fingers as the main trunks of the bonfire. Finally they can break a chocolate matchstick into small pieces and place in the bonfire as kindling.


Old Oak Tree: Rainbows stand in a line holding hands. They gently wrap themselves around the Rainbow on the end (like the rings of a tree). When they are all added to the 'tree' the tree starts to rot from the inside. The inner Rainbow goes under the Rainbow hands to make her way out. The next Rainbow follows (still holding hands) and so on until all the Rainbows are back in a line. (NB: This game needs close supervision to check that the Rainbows are not wrapping too tightly.)

Nature Hunt: Split the Rainbows into teams. Give each team pictures of natural objects to find (a leaf, conker, twig, stone etc). See how quickly the teams can find their objects.

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