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Rainbow Romp December 2006: Christmas Around the World

decorating Christmas bags glass paint making st lucia biscuits

In the morning we used fabric paint to decorate bags with Christmas designs. On the back of our bags 'Merry Christmas' was written in many different languages. We used glass paint to paint Julenisse gnomes. (These are Christmas gnomes from Norway.) In the kitchen we made St. Lucia biscuits and found out a little about how the feast of St. Lucia is celebrated in Sweden.

carpet picnic    learning a French carol

We then had a carpet picnic for lunch. After eating we learnt a French Christmas carol. Panther then told us about the naughty Yuletid lads of iceland. These are little fairy creatures that make lots of mischief at christmas time. They had stolen some of Father Christmas' things. We went out in the park to hunt for them. Father Christmas was so pleased with out help that he gave us a special gold coin each.

scratch pictures   making musical christmas cards   making poinsettia shrinkles

We then made Christmas pictures by scratching the surface off special paper to reveal Rainbow colours, musical Christmas cards and Poinsettia Christmas shrinkle fridge magnets and keyrings. At the end of the day we took home a booklet with information, activities and stories about different traditions around the world.

10th June 2007: Division 20th Birthday Party

Knitting   Birthday party

When the Rainbows first arrived they said hello to each other using greeting customs from different parts of the world. The Rainbows then tried finger knitting, making giant bubbles, collecting 20 things, following a picture trial and making a picture from natural objects. After this the girls ate Birthday cake and listened to a story.

 bubbles  bubbles  bubbles

1st July 2007: Sawston Sport and Fun Day

On the slide

We were invited to take part in the Scout fun day. There was a bouncy castle, a slide, and a simulator.  In the end only one Rainbow from our unit turned up. Hopefully she had fun anyway!

17th May 2008: GR8 Day Out!


Today we joined with our whole Division for a special GR8 Day Out. We made badges, hamma beads and window decorations, we played giant games, tried some circus skills, had our faces painted and made bath salts.


Rainbow Romp July 2008: Mythical creatures

bags  glass painting

We glass painted a unicorn and Pegasus on to glass jars, used fabric paint and felt to turn plain hand puppets into dragons and cut mythical creatures from sticky felt to decorate bags.

dragon hand puppets  making mermaids  mermaid  baking fairy cakes

We then took part in a treasure hunt, made 3D mermaid pictures from foam balls and baked and decorated fairy cakes.

musical statues  musical statues  pass the parcel

We played party games like pass the parcel, music statues and pin the tail on the unicorn. We then ate a party tea. After our tea we had our faces painted.

painted faces