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Games Played in Six Teams


motherbird  Motherbird

You need: Hoola-hoops (1 for each six + 1 extra)

Get each six to line up at one end of the hall. Opposite each six place a hoola-hoop and ask the sixer to stand in it. In the centre of the hall place the other hoola-hoop and ask a Pack or Young Leader to stand in it.

Tell the Brownies that they are little, baby birds who have flown out of their nest. Their Sixer is their mother bird. When she calls their name (1 name per six should be called at a time) they will 'fly' home to the safety of their nest. The first team to get all baby birds in the nest wins.

However, there is a hungry hawk in the middle of the room that loves to eat tasty little birds! If they are tagged by the hawk they must go to her nest. The only way they can be saved is if their mother bird flies out and tags them. But - should their mother be caught, all her babies will die!

As soon as you shout go, the Sixers can start to call their babies.


You need: A chair for each six and several beanbags (for 3 sixes we use 4 or 5 beanbags, for 4 sixes we use 6 or 7 beanbags).

Set up: The chairs are placed at the corners of a large triangle (for 3 sixes) or square (for four sixes). Each six sits behind their chair. The beanbags are placed in the centre of the play area. Each Brownie is given a number 1 to 6.

Playing the game: A leader calls out a number. Brownies with that number run into the centre to collect the treasure (beanbags) and place it in their six ship (on top of the chair). When there are no beanbags left in the centre they may steal beanbags from the other sixes. At no time can a Brownie carry more than 1 beanbag.

Winning: The first Brownie to have 3 beanbags on her chair wins 1 point for her six. Everyone returns to their start positions and the beanbags are placed back in the centre. Another number is called. When everyone has has two or more turns play ends. The winning six is the one with the most points.


You need: Nothing!

Playing the game: Name something (e.g. a bike, a vase of flowers, a house, a snake). Give each six a few minutes to make the shape using their bodies. Award a point to the six that has the best shape/has worked together well. Give the sixes another object to 'build'.

Space Stations

Space Stations

You need: A large hoola-hoop for each six and several smaller ones and a large number of penny coins or similar tokens.

Set up: Spread the hoops (space stations and ships) out across the room and then scatter the penny coins (space rocks) across the spaces inbetween. Allocate each six one coloured hoola-hoop as their space ship. Extra hoola-hoops are international space stations.

Playing the game: The leader calls out 'all clear' and the Brownies start to collect the space rocks one at a time, taking them to their space ship. When the leader calls 'meteor shower' the Brownies must get back to their space ship or a space station. Only three Brownies can fit in their space ship and two in each space station. Any Brownies left outside are hit by meteors and sustain an injury of the leaders choice (e.g. your leg has been hit you must hop during the next round or your right arm has been hit you must only use your left arm during the next round). When the leader calls 'all clear' play continues.

Winning: When all the moonrock has been collected (or the time is up) each six counts how many they have. The winner is the one with the most.


Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels

You need: A pack of dried peas and a pot to put them in, a small pot for each six and some wool cut into lengths of approximately 25cm.

Set up: Each Brownie is given a piece of wool. This is her 'tail'. She attaches it to her such that it can easily be pulled off (e.g. tucks it into her trousers). Each six sit in a corner of the play area with a small pot in front of them. Each Brownie is given a number (1-6). In the centre of the play area is a pot filled with dried peas (the 'nuts'). Spare tails are held by a Pack Leader.

Playing the game: A leader calls out a number. Brownies with that number run into the centre to collect 'nuts' and take them back to their pot. They may only collect one at a time. They may also steal other squirrel's tails. If their tail is stolen they can not continue collecting nuts until they get a new tail from the Pack Leader. The Brownies continue to collect nuts and steal tails until the leader shouts 'hibernate', at which point they return to their six and another number is called.

Winning the game: At the end of the game (usually when all players have had 2 or 3 turns) each six adds up their tails and nuts. Nuts are worth 1 point, tails are worth 3. The winning six is the one with the most points.

Running and Action Games

Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse

You need: Nothing!

Set up: Line all but two of the Brownies up in rows with their arms outstretched. One 'free' Brownie is the cat and one is the mouse.

Playing the game: Let the mouse get a little head start and then let the cat try to catch her. The cat and mouse run between the rows. When the leader calls 'change' the Brownies turn 90 degrees so that the rows change orientation. (When the Brownies have got the hang of this game the mouse can be the one to call change.)

Winning: When the mouse is caught a new pair is chosen.

Cockatu Sentry

Cockatu Centry Cockatu Sentry

You need: Nothing!

Set up: Choose one Brownie to be the Sentry who stands in the middle of the hall. Give names to the other Brownies (Kangaroos, Possums, Wallabies and Wambats) who stand at the other end of the hall in no particular order.

Playing the game: The Brownies say, "Cocokatu Sentry what do you see?" and the Sentry replies, "I see green hills, tall grass and -------" adding Kangaroos, Possums, Wallabies or Wambats. All those with that name then run to the other side of the hall whilst the Centry tries to catch them. Anyone caught must hold hands with the Centry in the middle of the hall. The rhyme is repeated. This time the Centries must run whilst holding hands. Only the outside hands can catch people and should the line be broken, no-one can be caught. Gradually the line of Centries gets longer and longer. The Centries must not stop Brownies from running under their arms.

Winning: The last Brownie not caught is the winner.



You need: Nothing!

Set up: The Brownies sit in a circle facing outwards. Label each Brownie with a different fish (cod, haddock, herring and place).

Playing the game: The Leader calls the name of a fish and all living fishes with that name stand up and run around the circle. (Or everyone who is still alive if the leader calls 'all the fishes in the sea'.) When the leader calls 'tide turned' they must turn and run in the other direction. When she calls 'calm sea' they walk, when she calls 'rough sea' they run as fast as they can. They keep going until she calls 'sharks are coming'. They must then run back to their place and sit down (keeping in the same direction as they were already running). The last one back is gobbled up by the shark and turns to face inwards.

Winning: The last fish alive is the winner.

Fox and Rabbit

You need: Nothing!

Set up: The Brownies need to be in pairs, spread out across the room. One of the pair is a tree and stands tall with their legs apart. The other Brownie is a rabbit and hides in it's hole at the foot of the tree. Choose one pair - one of them will be a rabbit, the other a fox.

Playing the game: The 'rabbit' is given a headstart. The 'fox' chases the rabbit. The rabbit tags another rabbit and goes into its hole. The first rabbit is now safe from the fox. The tagged rabbit then runs from the fox. This continues until a rabbit is caught. The rabbit then becomes the fox and the fox becomes a rabbit. When all the rabbits have had a turn, the rabbits and the trees swop places.


hockey  Hockey

You need: 2 chairs, 2 plastic children's hockey sticks and 1 beanbag

Spilt the Brownies into two teams and line them up facing each other. Place a chair and a hockey stick at each end and a beanbag in the middle. Give each member of the team a number starting at opposite ends of the hall. (So your partner is only opposite you if you are in the middle of the team.) Let the girls know which chair is their goal and which hockey stick is their team's hockey stick (the one at the other end to their goal).

When a Brownie's number is called out they run to their team's hockey stick and try to hit the beanbag through their team's goal. If they succeed they gain a point for their team. If the beanbag is knocked offside (beyond the Brownie lines and chairs) no-one gains a point. The team with the most points wins.

Honeypot (Running Version)

running version

One Brownie sits in the middle of the circle and pretends to fall asleep (laying with their eyes tight shut). Next to her is a bag (her honey pot). The Brownies say, "Isn't it funny that a bear likes honey. Buzz, buzz, buzz, I wonder why he does. Go to sleep Mr Bear". The Guider then silently chooses one person. They creep into the middle and take the bag. When they lift up the bag the Brownies shout, "Wake up Mr Bear". The bear chases the thief once round the outside of the circle and back to their seat, trying to tag them.

Horse and Jockey

You need: Nothing!

Set up: The Brownies should stand in a circle in pairs. One Brownie stands infront of the other. This is the jockey. The horse stands behind the jockey with their legs apart.

Playing the game: The leader should shout, "Jockey's race". The jockeys then crawl between the legs of the horses and run round the outside of the circle. When they get back to their partner they should 'piggy back' them. The first pair in this position wins. (If the size of Brownie's is such that this could be dangerous the horse could kneel down and the jockey stand over her.) After a few turns the horse and jockey should switch places.

Lame Chicken

Lame Chicken  lame chicken game

You need: 10 newspaper batons per six

Lay out the batons in front of each six like the rungs of a ladder. The first Brownie in each six hops over the sticks without touching them. When she has hoped over the last stick she reaches down and picks it up. She then hops back and places the stick at the beginning of the row. The next Brownie then takes her turn. The team to finish first wins.

Poachers and Elephants

You need: Pieces of wool, a large playing field.

Set up: Divide the Brownies into two groups. One group are the elephants and one group are the poachers. The elephants are each given one piece of wool to tuck into their belt. Left over wool is given to a Pack Leader.

Playing the game: The elephants are given a head start. The poachers then run off to try to catch the pieces of wool. When an elephants wool has been taken they go to the Pack Leader for a replacement. Play continues for a set amount of time. All the pieces of wool that have been caught by the poachers are then counted. The teams swop roles and play again.

Winning: The team with the most wool wins.


Port-Starboard Port-starboard

You need: Nothing!

When the leader calls out the following names, the Brownies must do the accompanying action. The last Brownie to do the action is out.

Port - run to the left side of the hall
Starboard - run to the right side of the hall
Bow - run to the front of the hall
Stern - run to the back of the hall
Srub the decks - pretend to scrub the floors on your hands and knees
Climb the rigging - pretend to climb the rigging
Man overboard - pretend to drown
Man the life boats - get in pairs and row (like row, row, row your boat actions)
Mutiny - get in pairs and pretend to swordfight
Submarine - lie on your back with one leg in the air
Captain's coming - salute
Captain's wife - curtsey
Boom coming - duck


Shops  Shops

You need: No equipment!

Give each side of the hall the name of a specialised shop (e.g. butcher, baker, electrical store and sweet shop). Call out the name of an item that can be bought in one of these shops. The Brownies then run to the 'shop' where they could purchase it. The last child there is out. The winner is the last child in.

String Bags

You need: Nothing!

Set up: The Brownies should sit in two lines opposite a partner (as in ladders but without legs out). Label each pair with a different name (depending on your theme).

Playing the game: Tell a story (relevant to your meeting's theme). Everytime you mention a pair's name they must run down the middle of the lines, round the bottom, up the outside and back down to their place. The first one back wins a point for their team. When you say a particular word all the team must run.

Theme examples: For Halloween try telling a story about a witch's cauldron. You could label pairs with words like 'frog' and 'eye of newt'. All the brownies should run when you say the 'witches cauldron'.



You need: Chairs (one less than the number of people)

Set up: Place the chairs in a circle. One Brownie should stand in the centre, the rest should sit on the chairs. Choose 4 railway stations (e.g. King's Cross, Paddington, Victoria and Liverpool Street). Give the brownies these names.

Playing the game: Call out the name of a station. All the Brownies with that name must change places. The Brownie in the middle will try to sit on one of the seats. Brownies can not sit back down in the same place. Whoever is left standing is in the middle. Repeat as often as required.



You need: A beanbag

The Brownies should stand in a circle in groups of three. Each person in the group is given a number (1, 2 or 3). The Brownies then say the nursery rhyme with actions:

Wee-willy-winky runs throught the town (running on the spot)
Upstairs and downstairs (reaching up in the air then down to the ground)
In his night gown.
Knocking at the windows (pretending to knock)
Crying through the locks (the word crying is shouted)
Are the children in their beds it's past...

The Guider then says 1, 2 or 3 o'clock. The Brownie who is that number runs round the outside of the circle. The other two in her team make an arch. The Brownie running round the circle runs through the arch and tries to grab the beanbag in the middle. The first team with the beanbag gets a point.

Safety point: Make sure you warn the Brownies to look where they are going when they run into the circle or they run head first into each other!

Hunting Games

Calmer Games

Honeypot (Running Version)

quiet version

One Brownie sits in the middle of the circle and pretends to fall asleep (laying with their eyes tight shut). Next to her is a bell (her honey pot). The Brownies say, "Isn't it funny that a bear likes honey. Buzz, buzz, buzz, I wonder why he does. Go to sleep Mr Bear". The Guider then silently chooses one person. They creep into the middle and take the bell. They return to their seat, ring it once and then hide it behind their back. The Brownies shout, "Wake up Mr Bear". The 'bear' then points to the person they think stole their honey. They have three guesses to get it right. It is then that person's turn to be the Bear.



You need: A chair, a blindfold and a set of keys.

Set up: Sit the Brownies in a circle. Place the chair in the centre with the keys underneath it. Chose a Brownie to sit on the chair and blindfold her.

Playing the game: Point to 4 Brownies in the circle. They should get up as quietly as they can and walk around the outside of the circle. If the blindfolded Brownie hears a noise she should point in the direction of the noise. If she points at one of the moving Brownies they must sit back in their place. If the moving Brownies get back to their place they should crawl into the centre and take the keys. If they take the keys they have won and will be the next person in the chair.

Kim's Game

You need: At least 20 different objects. Paper and pens for each Brownie/six.

Playing the game: The Brownies should sit in a circle with the objects in front of them. Give them a set amount of time to look at the objects then take the objects away or cover them up. Give each Brownie or six a few minutes to write down as many objects as they can remember.

Winning: The Brownie or six with the most correctly remembered objects wins.

Music Man

You need: Nothing!

Playing the game: The Brownies sit in a circle. One Brownie is sent outside. Another Brownie is chosen to be the music man. The 'music man' mimes playing an instrument. The other Brownies copy her. The Brownie outside is called in. She stands in the centre of the circle and tries to guess who the music man is. She has three tries. The music man should change the instrument she is miming once every so often. When the music man has been guessed or the central Brownie runs out of guesses new Brownies are chosen and the game begins again.

Old Oak Tree

You need: Nothing!

Set up: The Brownies hold hands in a line. The Brownie at one end stands still whilst the rest wrap themselves round her. (Like the rings growing on a tree.) They must do this gently, not pulling too tight! When everyone has become part of the tree the tree starts to 'rot' from the inside out. The central person ducks under people's arms and climbs out of the tree, continuing to hold hands with the next person. Gradually everyone 'rots' until the Brownies are back in a straight line.

Wink Murder

Wink Murder

The Brownies sit in a circle. One is chosen to be the detective. The detective leaves the room. A 2nd Brownie is chosen to be the murderer. The detective comes back into the room and stands in the centre of the circle. When the murderer winks at a Brownie they should 'die' (dramatically if they want). The detective must try to guess who the murderer is. The murderer becomes the next detective.

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