Rainbow Resources



Pom-pom Frogs


Cut out a leg base and head shape from craft foam. Add goggle eyes and a mouth to the head. Stick a pom-pom onto the leg base using PVA glue. Finally stick the head shape onto the pom-pom.

Under Water Scenes

Use cereal boxes to create an underwater theatre. (Instructions will be put here when I've actually tried it out with the Rainbows!)

Fish Mobiles

Fold paper plates in half to make individual fish and then string them up to make a mobile. (Instructions will be put here when I've actually tried it out with the Rainbows!)


Water Race

Split the Rainbows into teams of about 5 children. Give each team a bucket of water and a table spoon. At the other end of the playing area place ice cream tubs. The Rainbows take it in turn to walk or run with their spoon of water up to their team's tub and put the water into it. They keep going until the Guider says stop. The team with the most water in the tub wins. (With older children you can use a teaspoon or even a fork!)

Pond Jigsaw Puzzle

Print a picture of a pond onto A3 paper and then stick it onto coloured card. Cut the picture into jigsaw pieces. Repeat using different coloured card until you have a jigsaw puzzle for every 5 Rainbows. Split your unit into teams of 5s or thereabouts. Each team should line up at one end of the hall. At the opposite end of the hall should be the jigsaw pieces placed face down. The Rainbows run up (one from each team at a time) and collect one piece of their jigsaw puzzle. When all the pieces have been colllected they turn them over and try to solve the puzzle as a team.

Hunt the Star Fish

Cut out fish or star fish shapes (enough for 2 per Rainbow). Write the Rainbows' names on the fish and hide them around the meeting place. Send the Rainbows off to hunt for their fish.

Other Activities
  • Arrange a trip to a country park to try pond dipping.
  • Take the Rainbows swimming.
  • Have a water fight (with suitable clothing, towels available etc).

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