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Puppet Theatres

  making puppet theatres   puppet theatre

Give the Rainbows a piece of paper to draw and colour their backdrop. The Rainbows should then stick this to pre-prepared cereal boxes (Open the box out and cut holes in the front and top or bottom as shown above). Staple the box together for the Rainbows whilst they draw an alien onto card and colour him in the same colours as the backdrop. If you're really clever you can add card board plants to the front of the box to make the scene 3D and decorate the outside of the box. We made an alien scene, but you could make them for real animals too! NB: This craft takes most Rainbows a long time.


Hunt the Wool: Hide equal numbers of bright coloured wool and wool that will blend into the surroundings (e.g. green if amongst plants). Split the Rainbows into small teams and send them outside to find as much wool as possible. Count up how much wool each team has and see whether they found more bright colours or camouflaged colours.

Camouflage pairs: Use pictures of camouflaged animals to make a pairs game.

Other Activities

Print out (or find in books) pictures of animals that are camouflaged to show to the Rainbows.

We read the story called "Chameleon's Crazy Colours" by N. Grant and M. Terry.

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