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Pet Spiders

  making spiders   jumping spider   spider close up

Give each Rainbow a sheet of A5 card. They need to cut a strip across the width of the card. This strip should then be folded in a circle and stapled. The Rainbows should then cut the rest of the card into 8 long strips. These strips should be concertinaed and stuck (using glue or sticky tape) to the body. A hole should be made in the top of the spider and a piece of wool pushed through (best to have an adult do this). A knot should then be tied in the wool to stop it coming off. The other end of the wool can then be tied losely round the Rainbow's wrist. The Rainbow can then add eyes and other facial features if desired.

Glistening Webs

drawing the web   glittering the web   finished webs

Give each Rainbow a piece of sugar paper. Using a pen they should draw on a spider's web. They then glue over the web and sprinkle on glitter.


playing the spider game
This is an adapted version of a beetle drive. In advance of the meeting make up several sets of webs, spider bodies, spider heads, spider legs, spider eyes and spider teeth/jaw. Rainbows take it in turn to roll a dice. When they roll a 1 they can take a web. When they roll a 2 they can take a body. When they roll a 3 they can take a head. When they roll a 4 they can take an eye. When they roll a 5 they can take a jaw and when they roll a 6 they can take a leg (or a pair of legs if you want the game to go quicker). The winner is the first Rainbow to build a complete spider.


Edible Spiders

making spider   Finished spiders   finished spider

Take a large biscuit and (using black icing) turn it into a spiders web. Next take a marshmellow and add 8 small pieces of strawberry laces and two icing eyes. Place your 'spider' on its web.

Other Activities

Get the Rainbows in a circle. Throw a ball of string to one of the Rainbows. They should catch the ball (ideally!) and keep hold of the end of the string. They then throw the ball to someone else who does the same until everyone is all tangled up in the string!

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