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Bird Pencil Cases

Rainbows should fold a piece of A4 craft foam into thirds. They then use pipe cleaners to weave two of the thirds together (for younger Rainbows/thicker foam you may need to punch holes in the foam first). Then stick a bird picture onto the top of the pencil case. Finally they should write their initials in glitter glue and then attach stick on velcro dots to close the pencil case.

Teddy Parachutes

teddy parachute   teddy parachute   teddy parachute

Print teddy bear outlines onto card. The Rainbows should then cut and colour their teddies. Give each Rainbow 4 pieces of wool (about 25cm long) and a piece of kitchen roll. The Rainbows should stick their wool using sticky tape to each of the corners of the kitchen roll. They should then stick the other end of each piece of wool to their teddy bear.


Blowing relay race
Blowing Relay Race

Sort the Rainbows into teams with even numbers (we had three teams of six). Send half of each team to the other side of the hall. Give each Rainbow a straw and each team a piece of paper (we used 1/6 of an A4 sheet). When you should go the front Rainbow blows the piece of paper across to the other side. The next member of the team blows it back and so on.


Candles Need Air

Light a nightlight. Ask the Rainbows to guess what will happen if you put a jam jar over the top of the nightlight. Will it get bigger because the wind isn't blowing it? Will it go out? Place the jar on top and show them that the candle goes out. Explain that fire needs air.

Candles Need Oxygen

Put coloured water into a bowl. Place a candle in the middle of the bowl and light it. Place a jam jar over the top of the candle, so that its bottom is slightly below the water level. Watch as the water rises up into the jar! If the Rainbows want to know the secret to the trick it is because the candle is using up the oxygen in the jar. The water comes up to replace the oxgyen as it is used.

Magic Paper (Air Flow)

Give each Rainbow a strip of paper. Get them to hand it up to their mouth and blow - showing that the paper blows away from the direction they are blowing. Then get them to hold the paper just under their lips and blow down. The paper goes up, not down!

Balloon experimentAir Expands

Put a balloon on top of a small drinks bottle. Put the drinks bottle into near boiling water. The balloon will start to inflat.

Air Power

Give each Rainbow a balloon and ask them to blow it up. Send them to stand in a space in the room. On the count of 3 everyone lets go of their balloon. Watch them wizz around the room!

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