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Safety Candles


Stick or draw a candle template onto card. Inside the candle outline should be a safety message such as "Fire kills! Never play with matches!" Rainbows colour in and then cut round the template. To make the candle stand up you need to cut a small semi circle. Cut a small slit in the curved part of the semi circle and in the bottom of the candle. Slot together.


Edible bonfires


Give each Rainbow a plate and a digestive biscuit. Rainbows should cover the top of the biscuit with chocolate icing. On top of this they should place sweets to represent the flames of the fire. On top of this they should put broken chocolate fingers as the main trunks of the bonfire. Finally they can break a chocolate matchstick into small pieces and place in the bonfire as kindling.


Toast a marshmellow over a candle (being sure to explain to the Rainbows how to do this safely).

When the marshmellow has melted on the inside sandwich it between two chocolate biscuits.

It's so yummy you will want some more!

Other Activities

Fire Safety for Kids: This site contains wordsearches and crosswords on a fire safety theme. There are also some fire safety games that you can print off.

Welephant Fire Safety Site: This includes some pictures to colour and how to contact your local fire station. Perhaps a fireman could visit your meeting?

You can often pick up fire safety colouring posters at fairs.

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