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Autumn Term 2005

7th September: Helping Hands and Rainbow Elephants

Elephant toy

At the start of the meeting we were given our Ready for Rainbow books and made helping hand prints. We then met the Rainbow Rabbits. We decided to call them Maisy and White Cloud. After this we played a running game called crocodiles. We then made Rainbow elephant toys and sang Everywhere we go.

14th September: Chinese Moon Festival

Eating food with chopsticks  Playing a chinese running game

We began the meeting by making moon festival decorations and then pinned up our helping hands. After this we tried eating rice and noodles (and chips!) with chopsticks and those of us who were really brave tried a mini pancake roll with sweet and sour sauce. We then played a Chinese running game. At the end of the meeting we listened to an action story about a chinese lady who lives on the moon.

21st September: Dinosaurs

dinosaurs  dinosaurs  dinosaurs

We started the meeting by hunting for dinosaurs. We then played a game in which we ran around the hall collecting dinosaur bones and then worked in groups to 'build' a dinosaur. We then had a Rainbow chat to decide the theme for our promise party (cats and dogs) and chose a name for our new leader (Buttercup). We then played another game in which we ran from the T-Rex. After this we made fossil imprints from clay and real fossils. We then 'dug' in the 'earth' to uncover little dinosaurs and 'dino' bones. At the end of the meeting we learnt a new song - I wish I was a little round orange.

28th September: Pre-promise Night

We began by making invitations to invite our parents to next week's promise ceremony. We then played Mr Crocodile and had a Promise relay race. Next we practised what we were going to do in our promise ceremony. At the end of the meeting we sang the Rainbow song, Alice the Camel, I wish I was a little round orange and Everywhere we go.

5th October: Promise Ceremony and Party

Eating at the Rainbow Promise Party  Eating at the Rainbow Promise Party

After making our Rainbow promise we played pass the parcel and fetch that bone. We then ate lots of party food and cake. We finished the meeting by singing Oh I wish I was a little round orange and receiving our party bags.

12th October: Under the Sea

Making sea turtles making sea turtles Making fridge magnets Fish fridge magnet

We used craft foam to make fish fridge magnets and glued paper together to make 3D sea turtles. We then played ocean palminism and a fishy team game.

Ocean palminism Fishy team game

19th October 2005: Using and Loosing our Senses

playing the game  Drawing with our feet

We began by making a badge with our name written in Braille. As we finished we tried to colour a picture using our feet or the opposite hand to which we normally write. We then played a team game which involved guessing the contents of a bag by feeling inside. After this we made a sandwich and sorted different pasta shapes whilst wearing a blindfold. We then played a game using sign language. We finished by singing Oh I wish I was a Little Round Orange.

2nd November: Divali


At the start of the meeting we coloured in a Divali themed bookmark and then learnt a Rainbow song to sing at the start of the meeting. We then looked at pictures of people lighting lamps to celebrate Divali and pictures (and a statue) of some of the gods and goddesses that are worshipped. We found out that there are several stories associated with Divali and that many people make pretty Rangoli patterns and exchange gifts of sweets. We played a game based on the story of Rama and Sita, made Rangoli patterns from coloured chalk and coloured sand and made sweet boxes as gifts.

16th November: Sound and Music

making a guitar  making a balloon drum 
making a shaker

We started the meeting by playing listening games (chinese whispers, numbers, simon says), making the sounds of the Rainforest and playing string bags with a musical instrument theme. We then made shakers, 'guitars' and balloon drums. At the end of the meeting we played our instruments in the 1st Whittlesford Rainbow Orchestra.

musical string bags orchastra

23rd November: Look!

Making a twisler Baby photo competition Taking photos

As we were arriving we made Rainbow twislers and jigsaw puzzles. We then played a game looking at optical illusions and a trick picture. After this Panther made us see something that wasn't there! Our final activity was guessing who's baby photos were who. This evening we also met Violet, a rabbit from a Girl Scout Troop in Chicago and took home the photographs we'd been taking all through the term.
For more details of our look activities visit Rainbow Resources

30th November: Co-operation Games

We started the meeting by colouring a picture in small groups. Each person had two coloured pencils, so we had to work together to get the pictures done. We then played sharks and islands. After this we spilt into teams for a game of describe the picture. We then played a similar game using lego. At the end of the meeting we recieved our first Rainbow Roundabout badge.
For more details of our co-operation activities visit Rainbow Resources

7th December: Christmas Crafts

At the start of the meeting we played Please Mr Crocodile and Christmas Switch. We then made Christmas tree decorations from felt stars, trees or stockings. We also painted Christmas ball-balls with glass paints and made paper decorations and 3D glittery stars.

14th December: Christmas Party

We sang the Okey-Cokey, played musical chairs, musical statues and Christmas themed string bags. We then ate lots of party food.