Rainbow Resources

Music and Sound


making shakers
You need small bottles or containers, cardboard circles to fit the top of the containers, sticky tape, rectangles of paper to decorate the shakers, pens, funnels or spoons, rice and beans.

Each Rainbow puts some rice and/or beans into her container. She then seals the end with the cardboard and sticky tape.

To decorate her shaker she writes her name and draws a pattern or picture onto a piece of rectangular paper. She then sticks this onto her shaker.

Balloon Drums
making a balloon drumballoon drum
You need small bottles, cut up balloons, elastic bands, sticky tape, rectangles of paper and pens to decorate the drum.

In pairs Rainbows help each other to stretch the balloon square over the top of the bottle and secure it with an elastic band.

Rainbows can then decorate a rectangle of paper and stick it onto the bottle.


guitarmaking a guitarYou need rectangular containers, elastic bands with different thicknesses, cardboard tubes, pens and sticky tape.

Wrap the elastic bands round the container to make the strings. Stick the tube to the end of the container and decorate.

If you have elastic bands that are long enough the Rainbows can experiment with wrapping the elastic bands round the tube and container.


Musical string bagsString bags

Rainbows get in pairs and form two lines. Each pair is given the name of a musical instrument.

When their name is called out they run round their team and back to their place.

The first Rainbow back wins a point for their team.

If 'orchastra' is called out, all the Rainbows run.

sounds of the rainforestSounds of the Rainforest

The Rainbows stand in a circle and are told they are going to make the noise of a rain storm in the Rainforest. The leader starts by tapping their fingers. The person to the left of the leader taps their fingers, then the person to the left of her and so on until everyone is tapping their fingers. The leader then claps their hands and sends this round the circle. The leader then claps their hands on their thighs, then gently stamps their feet, then stomps their feet. The leader then does the noises in reverse until everyone is silent once more. You can repeat this with new leaders and new sounds.


One Rainbows is chosen as the conductor. She points at the Rainbows she wishes to play their instrument and then points at them again when she wishes them to stop playing.

This can also be done with girls having particular sounds (e.g. 'quack' 'moo' and 'squeek') and saying their sound when they are pointed at.

Music Man

Rainbows sit in a circle. One Rainbow is chosen to leave the room/cover their eyes. Another Rainbow is chosen to be the music man. They pretend to play an instrument and everyone else has to copy. The music man should keep changing which instrument they are pretending to play. The first Rainbow stands in the centre of the circle and tries to guess who the music man is.

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