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Under the Sea


Paper 3-D Sea Turtles

Making a paper turtle The finished turtle Close up turtle

This craft idea came from
I adapted the templates slightly to make it easier for Rainbows.
I drew the turtle base, head and legs onto an A4 sheet that the girls could then colour and cut out. They then coloured in the shell and the adults helped them to glue the shell and the body together.

Fish Fridge Magnets

Making fish fridge magnets  A fish fridge magnet

I drew an outline fish shape onto craft foam. The Rainbows then cut this out and stuck precut fins, a stick on magnetic strip and goggle eyes onto their fish. They could then add smaller pieces of craft foam as decoration is they chose. The magnetic strip was bought as a roll from Smitcraft. The craft foam and goggle eyes came from Baker Ross.


Fishy relayFishy Relay Race

Split the Rainbows into teams. Each team needs a 'fish' made from tissue paper and a beater made from rolled up newspaper. A losely rolled paper is much easier to use than one that has been tightly rolled. Half the team stand one end of the hall, the other stand the other side. The fish is moved across the hall by beating the floor behind it. The game is played as a relay race.

ocean palminismOcean palminism

Print out pairs of ocean pictures and stick them onto coloured card. (I made 36 cards per pack.) Spread the cards out face down. Each child takes it in turns to turn over two cards. If they find a pair they keep it. The winner is the Rainbow who finds the most pairs.

This game is best played in small groups of 3 or 4 Rainbows.

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