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For templates and lots more activities, please visit the Toy Maker page on my new website:

Soft Elephants

You need: felt, google eyes, thread, needles, scissors, glue and stuffing.

Cut felt into small squares. You need 3 squares for each elephant. Sew round the edge of two of the squares, leaving a corner open. Turn inside out and fill with stuffing. Sew up the corner. Cut an elephant head shape from the third piece of felt. Glue on eyes and then glue the head to the body.


You need: toilet rolls, high quality mirrored card, sticky tape, elastic bands, sugar paper and grease proof paper.

Cut the mirrored card into rectangles that are the length of the toilet roll and the width of a wide ruler. Stick three retangles together to form a triangular tube with the mirrored card on the inside. Place this inside the cardboard tube. Draw a design on the tissue paper and then attach it to one end using an elastic band. Cover the other end of the roll with some black sugar paper that has an eyehole cut from it. To make your Kleidoscope look neater, cover the side with decorated sugar paper.

Hold the Kleidoscope up to the light and turn the greaseproof paper round to view.

Pop up Puppet

You need: polystyrene balls, kebab sticks, google eyes, pens, wool, squares of scrap material, glue, a stapler and sugar paper.

Place a piece of material over a kebab stick and push it firmly into a polysyrene ball. Add google eyes, hair and draw on a face.

Roll sugar paper or card into a cone with a small hole at the bottom and staple or stick together. Push the bottom of the stick through the hole and staple the edge of the material to the top of the cone.

Add arms made from material or craft foam and decorate the cone.

When finished the puppet can look from side to side by turning the stick and can hide in the cone by lowering the stick.


We bought precut jigsaw packs from Baker Ross and then drew our picture onto them.

An alternative could be to stick pictures onto card and then cut the card into a jigsaw.

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