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Making a twislerTwislers

Glue two semi circles of card together, with a stick in the middle. On one side draw a Rainbow, on the other side draw a pot of gold. Spin the stick and see the pot of gold appear under the Rainbow.

As an alternative you can cut out a circle of thick card. On one side draw a bird. On the other side (and upside down) draw a cage. Attach string in two places at the edge of each side of the circle. Twist the string to 'wind it up' and then let it spin. The disk will reveal a bird in a cage!

making a jigsaw


Take some photographs of the Rainbows and stick them onto card with a border. Each Rainbow can choose a picture and decorate it. They should then cut the picture into pieces to make a simple jigsaw puzzle.

When they have finished they can try to solve their own jigsaw puzzle, and then swop with a friend.


Optical Illusions and Trick Pictures

Print out a selection of optical illusions such as those found on this site.

Stand the Rainbows in the centre of the hall. Tell them to run one way if they think the picture shows one thing (e.g. a man) and the other direction if they think it shows another (e.g. a woman).

Bring them back to the centre and point out the features of each picture to see if they can see the opposite. Repeat with further pictures.

We finished the game by showing them a trick picture of this elephant and asking them to count how many legs it has.

I Spy

Rainbows sit in a circle. One Rainbow chooses something they can see and says 'I spy with my little eye something beginning with...' and then says the first letter of the word. The other Rainbows try to guess what she has seen. The Rainbow who guesses correctly then chooses a new object.

Other Activities

Seeing Things

Tell the Rainbows you are going to make them see things that were not there. Hand round the face picture from this site and the Union Flag from this site. The Rainbows stare at them for a count of 30 and then look at the wall. Those who manage to keep staring at the image will see it's negative on the wall. You could also try them with some Magic Eye pictures.


guessing baby photostaking photosIn the meetings running up to your 'look' evening the Rainbows could take photographs using a disposable camera. These could be developed ready for them to take home at the end of the 'look' evening.

Each Rainbow and adult helper could bring in a photo of themselves as a baby. Try to guess who is who.

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