Rainbow Resources



Co-operative Pictures

Split the Rainbows into groups of three. Give each group one picture and let each Rainbow choose two coloured pencils. As a group they must colour the picture together.


Sharks and Islands

Give each Rainbow a sheet of newspaper and tell them this is their island. They should spread out across the hall and stand on their island. When an adult says 'swim' they should go into 'the sea' (the hall floor) and swim around the islands. When an adult says 'shark' they must get onto an island. Each time an adult will take one island away, so the girls must share islands. Eventually they must try to help each other fit on just one island!

Describe the Picture

Spilt the Rainbows into three teams. Each team will send one person up to look at a simple line drawing (e.g. a flower, house or just some simple geometric shapes). They then go back to their team and describe the picture. The rest of their team must draw the picture. The Rainbows then hold up their drawings. The one with the most accurate reproduction gains a point for their team. Repeat until all the Rainbows have had a turn at describing a picture.

Building Lego Shapes

Gather the Rainbows in a circle and give them four coloured lego pieces. Make a shape they can not see and then describe how you made the shape. The Rainbows try to make the same shape. Show them your shape and see how close they got. When the Rainbows have got the hang of this, they should go in pairs and try it out for themselves. They should sit back to back, taking it in turns to be 'maker' and 'guesser'. If needed you can add more lego shapes to make it harder.

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