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Tripos Papers

The Maths department has a page for past papers sorted by year.
Here, they are sorted by course. I hope.

Part IA
Algebra and Geometry2007-2001 
Analysis I2023-2001 
Differential Equations2023-2001 
Dynamics and Relativity2023-2001includes 'Dynamics' from 2001-8
Numbers and Sets2023-2001 
Vector Calculus2023-2001 
Vectors and Matrices2023-2008 
Part IB
Analysis II2019-2001 
Analysis and Topology2023-2020 
Complex Analysis2023-2005includes shared CA+CM questions
Complex Methods2023-2001includes shared CA+CM questions
Fluid Dynamics2023-2001 
Further Analysis2004-2001 
Groups, Rings and Modules2023-2004 
Linear Algebra2023-2001includes Linear/Quadratic Maths from 2001-3
Markov Chains2023-2004 
Metric and Topological Spaces2019-2005 
Numerical Analysis2023-2001 
Quantum Mechanics2023-2001 
Special Relativity2009-2001 
Variational Principles2023-2010 
Part II
Algebraic Geometry2023-2009 
Algebraic Topology2023-2005 
Analysis of Functions2023-2017 
Applications of Quantum Mechanics2023-2005 
Applied Probability2023-2005 
Automata and Formal Languages2023-2016 
Asymptotic Methods2023-2005 
Classical Dynamics2023-2005 
Coding and Cryptography2023-2005 
Differential Geometry2023-2005 
Dynamical Systems2023-2005 
Fluid Dynamics II2023-2005 
Further Complex Methods2023-2005 
Galois Theory2023-2005 
General Relativity2023-2005 
Geometry and Groups2014-2005aka 'Geometry of Group Actions'
Graph Theory2023-2005 
Integrable Systems2023-2005 
Linear Analysis2023-2005 
Logic and Set Theory2023-2005 
Mathematical Biology2023-2005 
Mathematics of Machine Learning2023-2020 
Number Fields2023-2005 
Number Theory2023-2005 
Numerical Analysis II2023-2005 
Optimization and Control2018-2005 
Partial Differential Equations2015-2005 
Principles of Quantum Mechanics2023-2005 
Principles of Statistics2023-2005 
Probability and Measure2023-2005 
Quantum Information and Computing2023-2018 
Representation Theory2023-2005 
Riemann Surfaces2023-2005 
Statistical Modelling2023-2005 
Statistical Physics2023-2005 
Stochastic Financial Models2023-2005 
Topics in Analysis2023-2005