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Spring Term 2006

11th January: European Challenge

We started the meeting by making a Rainbow doll and colouring uniforms from other countries. We then played European flag palminism, European bingo, put together a European jigsaw and played a French themed board game. We also wrote postcards to send to other units. At the end of the meeting we looked at objects we had brought in from different European countries and sang Everywhere we go, Little round orange, Alice the camel, Pizza hut and 3 little angles.

18th January: Italy

Making mosaic pictures Painting the Cistine Chapel Eating pizza

We made mosaic pictures, 'painted' the Cistine Chapel, played two games from Italy and made pizza.

1st February: Spain

Painting the Alhambra  Our bull  Making Spanish jigsaws

This week we received four postcards from Rainbow Units in other parts of the country (Cambridge, the Isle of Man, Portsmouth and Falmouth in Cornwall). We looked at a map to see where they lived and then showed any items from that we had brought in from different countries. We then played a game from Spain called the Sleeping Vampire! After this we spilt into two groups to paint 'the Alhambra' and make a bull. Those of us who finished early then cut up Spanish postcards to make jigsaw puzzles. At the end of the meeting we sang the little green frog song in Spanish.

8th February: Greece

plate  Greek game  Eating Greek food

We decorated a plate and then (since we couldn't actually smash it) tossed it across the room. We then looked at the postcards we had been sent, played a Greek game and tried a Greek dance. We ate some Greek food and (since the Olympic games started in Greece) had a balloon race. At the end of the meeting we listened to a Greek action story, looked at the items we had brought in from other countries and sang Oh I wish I was a Little Round Orange.

Zorba dance  race

22nd February: Thinking Day

Indian outfit Indian outfit A peacock Moroccan Khaftan Eating cous-cous

We visited one country from each of the four guiding regions other than Europe. In India we tried on clothes, tasted food and made a peacock. In Morocco we tried on clothes, tasted cous-cous (and were going to make a Khamsa good luck hand but Panther forgot to bring the materials needed!). In Australia we made dot painting pictures and a Koala Bear. In the United States we made a Totem Pole.

Dot painting Totem poles

1st March: Butterfly Promise Party

  Butterfly clips

At the start of the meeting three new Rainbows made their promise. We then played a game called caterpillar crawl, made Butterfly 'clips', Balancing buterflies and decorated butterfly shaped biscuits. Some of us also had our faces painted. At the end of the meeting we ate party food.

Balancing Butterfly  Butterfly face painting  Butterfly face painting

For more details of our Butterfly Activities visit Rainbow Resources

8th March: The Netherlands

tulip hand painting  colouring picture

We played sleeping vampire (not from the Netherlands but we wanted to play it again!), coloured a picture of one of the Netherland's National Dresses, made a handprint tulip, a tulip made from paper and a windmill. We then listened to a story from Norway about a little boy who stuck his finger in a dyke.

15th March: Scandanavia

We made Danish heart baskets, Viking Longboats, Troll pencil toppers and Swedish doves. At the end of the meeting we sang Oh I wish I was a Little Round Orange, Cuddly Koalas and Alice the Camel.

22nd March: Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Board  Making sweets  Making sweets

We made white boards with hand pictures inside and chocolate dipped sweets. We also played with a balloon, played Please Mr Crocodile and sang Alice the Camel.

29th March: Easter Egg Hunt

At the start of the meeting a new Rainbow made her promise. We then went on an Easter Egg hunt, held Easter egg races and made Easter bunny egg cups. At the end of the meeting we said goodbye to two Rainbows who are going up to Brownies.