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Games Related to Europe

Playing European BingoEuropean Bingo: Each child is given a bingo sheet with four cards to collect from one country. The cards are spread out face down on the table. Each child takes it in turn to turn over one card. If the card matches one on their sheet they take it, if not it is turned face down. The first child to collect all four of their cards wins. Download the cards and sheets as a Word document

European Pairs: Spread the cards out face down. Each child takes it in turn to turn over two cards. If they are a pair she takes them, if not she turns them face down. The winner is the child with the most pairs. Download the cards as a Word document

Board Games: Make up a simple board game but use words and pictures from a European country. Download our French board game as a Word document


Make Rainbow dolls that can be dressed in the uniforms of different European countries. We used the templates in the old Rainbow Friends Around the World pack.

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