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Games played in Spain

Sleeping Vampire: One Rainbow is the Vampire. She lays down in the middle on the floor pretending to be asleep. The other Rainbows make a circle around her and sit on the floor. They ask, "What time is it Vampire?" The vampire says anytime she likes. When she says "Midnight", all the Rainbows run away and she tries to catch someone. The person she catches becomes the new vampire.


Making a bull  A finished bull  A finished bull

: We used the templates found here. Instead of sticking them onto toilet rolls we stuck the body and legs onto card and cut round it. I cut out the heads and tails in advance as cutting round them is a little tricky for five year olds.

Painting the Alhambra: I showed the Rainbows pictures of the Alhambra and then gave them a simplified version of one of the designs to paint. Click on the links to download Word documents showing the photos and designs.

Jigsaw Puzzles: Whilst on holiday in Spain I collected some Spanish postcards. The Rainbows then cut them up to make jigsaw puzzles. You could use Spanish photographs instead (e.g. the pictures of the Alhambra in the activity above).

Other Activities

The Little Green Frog Song in Spanish: You can find the words and listen to it by clicking on the links.

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