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Balancing butterflyBalancing Butterflies

Cut out a butterfly shape from card (making sure it is symmetrical and has a 'nose' tip).

Decorate the butterfly.

Stick a penny to the front underside of each wing. The butterfly should now 'magically' balance on the corner of a table or even your nose!

Butterfly 'Clips'

Cut butterfly shapes from craft foam.

Decorate with glitter glue and leave to dry.

When dry glue a small craft clip into the back of the butterfly.

It can now be used as a hair grip, a bookmark or a broach.

Symmetrical Butterflies
: Explain to the Rainbows that the patterns on a butterflies wings are always symmetrical and what that means. Give them a large sheet of paper and ask them to fold it in half. They should paint a butterfly wing on one side of the paper and then fold it in half so that it is 'copied' onto the other half of the paper.


Caterpillar Crawl

Caterpillar Crawl

Spilt the Rainbows into even teams. Half the team stand at one end of the hall, and the other half stand at the opposite end. The first Rainbow crawls on her hands and knees to the other end of the hall. The first Rainbow at this end of the hall takes hold of her ankles and they both crawl back. This is repeated until the whole team are crawling along the floor.

Other Activities

Butterfly BiscuitsButterfly Biscuits

Rainbows could use butterfly cutters to make butterfly biscuits.

We made the biscuits in advance and got the Rainbows to decorate them using icing and jelly tots.

White icing would probably look prettier but we had some chocolate icing to use up!

Butterfly Face PaintingButterfly Face Painting

Face Painting

We painted butterflies onto the Rainbow's faces.

Make sure you have permission first
and check for allergies!

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