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Autumn Term 2006
Seasons bagge
This term we gained the Right to Be Me badge, the Fire Safety Badge and the Seasons badge.
Right to be me
11th September: Planning and Medieval Challenge

We began by playing a game of Wee-Willy-Winky. We then ate biscuits and squash (left over from Pack Holiday) whilst discussing what activities we would like to do this term. After this each six undertook a medieval challenge - making castles, stained glass windows and pomanders. At the end of the meeting we sang Oh You're Never Get to Heaven and Everywhere We Go.

18th September: The Right To Be Me! (Our Rights, Our Responsibilities badge)

laminating games Writing Games Playing wink murder

We began by playing pirates. We then made a video all about our Brownie unit to send to our Girl Scout friends in America. We also made them some games and wordsearches. At the end of the meeting we played Wink Murder and sang I wish I was a Little Round Orange, Three Little Angels and Everywhere We Go.

25th September: Trip to the Fire Station

fire engine  budding fire fighter  hose

Tonight we went to Cambridge Fire Station. We watched a video and listened to a talk about fire safety. After that we sat in the back of a fire engine and then held a fire hose. We were given lots of fire safety goodies to take home.

2nd October: Finishing off Badges

This week we began by making key rings that gave the meaning of our name (thereby completing 'The right to be me' badge. We then played fishes and spilt into 3 groups. The Brownies who had not yet made their promise worked on pre-promise challenges, the Oaks did another two clauses from their Artist badge and the Kestrals completed a Space quiz and wide awake challenge.

9th October: Chocolate Evening

fair trade chocolate evening  

As we arrived we completed a chocolate themed wordsearch. We then played Motherhen. After this we had a pow-wow where we discussed the idea of fair trade. We then played a pairs game that showed how chocolate is made, a card game called unhappy families and taste tested different brands of fair trade chocolate. At the end of the meeting we played a chocolate themed pass the parcel. For more information about this theme visit Brownie Resources.

15th October: Trip to Woburn Safari Park


We went on a District Outing to Woburn Safari park. We saw lots of animals, played in the fun house and watched a sealion show. For more details see our Trips section.

16th October: Cake Decorating


This meeting was the three year anniversary of Panther coming to our Unit. We celebrated by playing games with balloons, learning a new game (cat and mouse) and decorating cakes. Each six had three cakes to decorate and a prize was given for the most decorative cake and another prize was given for the six that worked best as a team. At the end of the meeting we sang songs.

30th October: Halloween Party


We began the meeting by playing halloween forfeit pass the parcel. We then hunted in our sixes for witches, ghosts, wolves and bats and solved their riddle. Next we played a game in which we had to catch ghosts in our sixes. We then ate donuts on strings, made hand sandwiches, and played worm pie and the malteser-flour game. At the end of the meeting we had a party tea.

6th November: All In The Dark

We played Kim's game in the dark using flashlights. We played sardines outside and hunted for glow in the dark items inside. We also drew pictures in the dark, held sparklers and sang songs by candlelight.

13th November: Art and Craft

Painting in a six Textured Collage

Each six painted a large banner showing their six emblem in the woods. We then played fishes. Next Acorns and Oaks made a textured collage picture suitable for someone who is blind whilst the Kestrals made Victorian fantasy-scopes. At the end of the meeting we sang a couple of songs.

The Pixies' Artwork

20th November: Autumn and Winter (Seasons Badge)

making apple pies  leaf picture  making bird cake

As we arrived we made apple pies. We then played Squirrels. After this we made pictures using leaf rubbing in our sixes and made birdcake. Some of us then made some pastry shapes with the left over pastry.

27th November: Keep Healthy and Theme Parks

We began the meeting by playing Pirates. We then played healthy eating games in our sixes. After this we had a pow-wow to discuss our ideas for a design a theme park competition. When we had decided on a theme for our park we sketched our ideas for rides. At the end of the meeting we sang 'Crazy Elephant' and 'Everywhere We Go'.

4th December: Hannukah (Seasons Badge)

driedal   star decoration   decorating candles

We began the meeting by playing driedal in our sixes. We then played spring bags whilst listening to the story of Hannukah. After this we made a hannukah decoration and decorated candles. At the end of the meeting we watched a video about Hannukah.

11th December: End of Term Party

pass the parcel 

We played lots of traditional party games including pass the parcel and musical chairs. We also hunted for chocolate coins and ate a special cake Panther had got to say goodbye to two Brownies.

16-17th December: Christmas Sleepover

We made Christmas crafts, St Lucia biscuits, hunted for elves, played games, watched a video and had a midnight feast. For more details see our Holidays section.

20th December: Trip to London


We went to Icando, the London Aquarium and TGI Friday - who currently owe us money! For more details see our Trips section.
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