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Christmas Sleepover (December 2006)

On Saturday evening we made St Lucia biscuits, Christmas shrinkle keyrings, musical Christmas cards and painted Christmas themed outlines on plates.

st lucia biscuitsglass paintingcake

After the crafts we sang happy birthday to one of us and ate cake. When we were ready for bed we watched the Grinch that stole Christmas. At midnight four Brownies made their promise. We then had a midnight feast to celebrate.

midnight feastglass paintingchristmas cards

After breakfast one more Brownie made her promise (she'd been too sleepy to stay up for midnight). We then made Christmas hamma bead fridge magnets, painted our plates using glass paint and finished off the other crafts from saturday.

hamma beads    pin the tail on the donkey

Next we went into the park to hunt for Christmas elves. When we came back in we played pin the tail on the donkey and then some Victorian/Edwardian Christmas parlour games. We all gained an 'I've been on a Brownie Sleepover' badge.

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