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20th March 2006: Swimming

We went Swimming at Parkside Pools. The water was very cold, but we enjoyed the flumes.

20th May 2006: Trip to Wood Green Animal Sanctuary

stroking a cat at Wood Green  Looking at the rabbits  Stroking a puppy

Last term we held a sponsored silence for Wood Green Animal Sanctuary. We raised £225. Today we went on a tour of Wood Green and gave them our cheque. We saw dogs, cats, rabbits, small rodents, goats, sheep and even a lama!

Handing over the cheque!

25th September 2006: Fire Station

fire engine  budding fire fighter  hose

We visited Cambridge Fire Station. We watched a video and listened to a talk about fire safety. After that we sat in the back of a fire engine and then held a fire hose. We were given lots of fire safety goodies to take home.

15th October 2006: Woburn Safari Park


We went with our District to Woburn Safari Park. We played in the fun house, fed the goats and donkey, watched a sealion show, fed some birds and saw lots and lots of animals.


20th December 2006: Trip to London


We arrived at Icando at mid-day. We stayed there for a couple of hours, eating our lunch and playing with the activities.


We then walked to the London Aquarium. We saw lots of sharks, other fish and coral. We liked being able to stroke the fish in the touch pool.

touch pool   fish   more fish

We then went to TGI Fridays for dinner. The food was nice and our waiter made balloon animals for us which was great. They over-charged us for some things we didn't have but eventually Panther got them to give us our money back!


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