Brownie Guide
4th Cambridge Brownies
Brownie Guide
Who we are
Our diary

We meet for an hour and three quarters each week during term time.

Six Time

blindfold hike  biscuit decorating  face painting  hand painting

For the first half hour of each meeting we have six time. As a six we decide which activities we would like to do and purchase the items we need from the Six Time Shop. In the past our activities have included crafts, games, food, dancing, skipping and face painting.

Pow-Wows and Games

motherbird game  wee-willy-winky game

We then sing the Brownie song and come into a Brownie circle. When we need to discuss something (such as the theme for Pack Holiday or the activities we would like to do during the next term) we have a pow-wow. We then play one or two running games.

Main Activity

reptile experience  clay  lace making  cake decorating

For the next 45 minutes we take part in some sort of activity. Panther tries to organise at least one wide game, one visitor and one badge for each term. To see what we have done - take a look at our diary.

Quiet Games and Singing

  mr bear

At the end of our meetings we gather round the magic carpet, sing a few songs or play a quieter game, give out any badges or letters and then sing our version of Brownie Bells:

 Shalom my friend,
owl and star boardmagic carpetFarewell to you,
 Go safely home,
Goodbye, Adieu.
Goodnight, Goodnight.

We then say the magic carpet rhyme:

One foot on the carpet, hold on tight
As we go flying through the night.
We meet next week, so don't be late,
The magic carpet will never wait - VANISH!

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