: Covid-19 weeknotes 9

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Friday 22nd May, 2020
  1. Thanks to Andrew Ormerod for pointing out The Encounter, online and raising money to help the Kuikuro indigenous community in Brazil through Covid-19. A treat, but quickly because it’s only up until Monday.

  2. Other than that mostly still too busy to do much outside work.

  3. Although I did try to find a recipe involving auberine, since I had an aubergine. Seriously one of the biggest failures I have ever attempted. Still not sure if the couple of substitutions were the problem or if aubergines are, as I suspected, just a really bad idea for a fruit.

  4. I bought beer. Not quite the experience I’ve been looking forward to post-lockdown since (checks notes) week 6, which was a month ago. But it feels more appropriate to the warm weather than knocking back red wine.

  5. Next Friday, James Lark’s new musical, Infants, is having an online preview, seeing as any other kind of theatre is basically impossible under lockdown. There’s a Facebook event if that’s your thing, which says it’ll be on Tring Productions’ website which suggests it’ll be on their YouTube channel, and I assume by next week there’ll be a TikTok link too.

  6. Or any other art or performance, really. It’s a long weekend in the UK and the US. Enjoy it if you can.

Stay safe.