James Aylett in brief

Winter sun over Lyme Regis I'm a writer, film-maker, occasional actor, co-founder of /dev/fort and one of the team behind Spacelog, sometime creator of web curiosities, and very rarely a photographer. You can find me on twitter as @jaylett, and on LinkedIn.

I'm passionate about story telling; about physical movement and having fun with what your body is capable of. I strongly believe that being well-connected with your body and your sensuality is essential to living an enjoyable life. We need playgrounds for adults, and to give ourselves the permission to have fun using them.

I was born in March 1976; to Liz, a primary school teacher, and John, a secondary school teacher and author (super-lucky people around my age from England might have been taught history using some of his books, some of which are still in print). I have a younger sister, Katharine.

Raptor in silhouette On leaving university, I briefly tried to build what we'd now call a MMORPG with some friends and no money. When that didn't pan out I joined tangozebra, which in 1999 turned its focus to rich media online advertising, with me as Chief Technical Architect and later CTO; in early 2007 we were bought by DoubleClick, now part of Google (or possibly Alphabet; who knows these days?). Since then I've been CTO for Kudocities (defunct), Artfinder (I left in 2012, but it's still going) and NSFWCORP, where I was also a staff writer, and which has subsequently been bought by Pando. I've also done some technology consulting in the gaps between.

My development background goes right back to working in assembler, hacking games in 6502 machine code on the BBC Micro (mostly to put my name indelibly in the high score table), and trying to write far too complex things in BBC BASIC. Since then I've worked in ARM assembler on a text/programmers' editor called Zap, in C++, PHP, Python and others on an information retrieval/search system called Xapian, in C, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL, Java, HTML+CSS and Javascript (and probably some others) on a wide variety of silly things, sensible things, things I got paid for that I had to treat as sensible despite being silly, and cute toys that got broken by the BBC. These days I'll usually knock up new things in Python and Django, although I'm pretty sure we should actually be using compiled functional languages for many more things than we do.

In technology, I value these things

In work, I value these things

If you want to get in touch with me, you could try emailing me, in which case you might like to read about how I (try) to handle email.