: Covid-19 weeknotes 6

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Friday 24th April, 2020
  1. Impro over Zoom went well, aided by the three of us having improvised together now for the best part of two decades. We recorded it, so I need to listen back and see if there’s anything worth putting out there as a lockdown episode of Totally Made Up Tales.

  2. My first Zoom dinner party, or rather steak without the restaurant and, for one person, without the steak. Also went well, although not quite as fun and fluid as it would have been face to face, partly because it was six people but only four screens. And the group of three kept on passing the wine amongst themselves, which broke the illusion.

  3. I’ve started making a list of things I want to do at the end of lockdown. Little things, to celebrate. Top at the moment is ordering a pint of lager and drinking it, ideally outdoors in the sunshine.

  4. Tired of finding things to do with cauliflower, which seems to be about 30% of my vegetable boxes by volume. I made some soup, which is okay, and I’ve found uses for another giant head of the stuff. But it’s just not a good enough vegetable for the effort. Please weather, send me a new vegetable season.

Stay safe.