: Covid-19 weeknotes 8

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Friday 15th May, 2020
  1. Last week I wasn’t working, and largely avoided using a computer where I could, hence no update.

  2. I did watch all of the MCU films from scratch, in a slightly random order. I now have Unfashionable Opinions, and vaguely toyed with writing a post about how I don’t like most of the ones other people like, and trying to figure out why most of the characters act opposite their nature in Captain America: World Police, and when exactly the spirit of the early films dies (I think it’s partway through Captain America: The Winter Soldier), and when the new spirit appears (it might be after the opening of Black Panther, but I suspect it’s in the middle of Doctor Strange’s training). But that felt like effort, self-indulgent, and not very interesting.

  3. This week started quietly at work then ramped up as I started working on the current big pitch.

  4. Therefore, I’ve been too busy to be bored.

  5. Although sufficiently tired to favour mindless tasks over trying to read or do much in the evening. So I’ve finished restacking all my books, which I started while bored back in week 7. Slightly more accurate calculation now says I need far fewer extra shelves than I thought. Fairly soon I’ll get bored enough again that I’ll buy some new bookcases, which will then give me endless tiny tasks of moving books so they’re in sensible places.

  6. They still make furniture, right?

  7. This is the end of week 9, so the weeknotes numbers don’t line up any more. But I’ll say that again a different way: I’ve been working from home, and (except for the first few days) isolated now for over two months. Boris Johnson keeps seeing his shadow. Someone should steal it.

Stay safe.