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Autumn Term 2006

6th September: Time Travel - Medieval

At the beginning of the meeting we sang some songs and played please Mr Vampire. We then travelled back to medieval times. We built a castle, made medieval style stained glass windows, coloured an illustrated manuscript, played a medieval game and made pomanders. 

13th September: Time Travel - 1950s/60s

Hippy headbands  Hippy headbands  Rock and Roll dancing  Rock and Roll dancing
We began by decorating a strip of card that we later turned into a 'hippy' headband. We then played two games that were popular in the 1950s - 'What's the time Mr Wolf' and 'Can we cross your father's field?'. For the rest of the meeting we played with toys from the 1950s, had a quick deportment lesson, finished off our hippy headbands and tried some rock and roll dancing. At the end of the meeting we sang 'Everywhere we go'.

Mr Potatohead game  Deportment class  Deportment Class  Hoola Hoop

20th September: Time Travel - World War II

making war time cakes  Sheltering in a 'bomb shelter'  war posters

This evening we 'travelled' to war time Britain. We coloured 'Dig for Victory' posters whilst listening out for air rades. We sheltered in a 'bomb shelter', sang war time songs and listened to a war time address from Princess Elizabeth. We also made cakes using a war time recipe.

4th October: Time Travel - The Tudors


As we arrived we made helping hands. We then journeyed to Tudor times. A 'Tudor Sea Captain' taught us a game using whistle calls. We then learnt knots aboard his ship, made Tudor headresses and learnt two Tudor style dances.

11th October: Time Travel - The Victorians


As we arrived we sang some songs. We then journeyed to Victorian times. We played a team game which involved bowling a hoop, we made a Victorian style fantasyscope and we stitched a pattern onto a bookmark.

18th October: Rainbows, Rainbows Everywhere


As we arrived we sang some songs. Three of our new Rainbows then made their promise. After this we played Sleeping Vampire and then made rainbow purses, rainbow prints and rainbow hanging decorations.

1st November: Halloween Party


As we arrived we made halloween bookmarks from craft foam. We then played a spooky themed pass the parcel. Next we made severed hand sandwiches, marshmellow spiders and iced skeleton gingerbread men. We then played zombie musical bumps and ate a party tea.

8th November: Fireworks Theme

Glittery firework pictures Iced Catherine Wheels Pinhole Firework pictures catherine wheel hair slides

We played a running around game where we were the fireworks. After this we made Catherine Wheel hair slides and biscuits, pin dot firework pictures and glittery firework pictures. At the end of the meeting we turned all the lights off and sang songs by candlelight.

22nd November: Thanksgiving

making thanksgiving turkeys  thanksgiving turkey napkins

We began by colouring Thanksgiving themed pictures. We then played a running game whilst Panther told us the story of the first Thanksgiving. After this we played Thankerchief and sang a Thanksgiving action song. We then made napkin Turkeys and sang other Thanksgiving songs.

29th November: Advent

We made advent calanders and Christingles. At the end of the meeting we sang Christmas carols.

6th December: Hannukah Theme

playing driedal  our decoration  decorating candles

As we arrived we decorated candles. We then talked about the festival of Hannukah. We played a running game whilst Panther read the story of Hannukah and then played driedal in small groups. We then made a Hannukah decoration.

7th December: Christmas Party at Brownies

Tonight we were invited to the Brownie Christmas party. We played action story games with a Christmas theme, musical statues and musical chairs. We then ate some party food.

9th December: Christmas Around the World Rainbow Romp

making St Lucia biscuits singing french carol scratch christmas picture

We made lots of Christmas crafts based on traditions from different countries. We also did some cooking, singing and played a hunting game outside. To find out more see the Trips section.