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Making pizza Eating pizza Eating pizza

Buy pizza bases and get the Rainbows to cover them in pasta sauce and cheese. They could add other toppings like pineapple and mushroom.


Toast a marshmellow over a candle (being sure to explain to the Rainbows how to do this safely).

When the marshmellow has melted on the inside sandwich it between two chocolate biscuits.

It's so yummy you will want some more!

Eggless Cakes

Mix together g butter and g sugar. Add two teaspoons of water (or vanilla essence if available) and then stir in g of flour. Kneed the mixture. Roll the mixture into approximately 10 balls. Lay the balls on a greased baking tray (with room for them to spread) and cook at C for approximately 20 minutes.

Non-Cook Food

Edible Bonfires


Give each Rainbow a plate and a digestive biscuit. Rainbows should cover the top of the biscuit with chocolate icing. On top of this they should place sweets to represent the flames of the fire. On top of this they should put broken chocolate fingers as the main trunks of the bonfire. Finally they can break a chocolate matchstick into small pieces and place in the bonfire as kindling.

Mud Cups

Making mud cups   Making mud cups    Mud cups - yuck! (but tasty)

Break up chocolate cake and biscuits. Scrunch together with melted chocolate and press into plastic cups. Place a jelly worm on top. Refrigerate to set.

Edible Spiders

making spider   Finished spiders   finished spider

Take a large biscuit and (using black icing) turn it into a spiders web. Next take a marshmellow and add 8 small pieces of strawberry laces and two icing eyes. Place your 'spider' on its web.

Lion Biscuits

The Rainbows squeeze a thick layer of orange icing around the edge of a biscuit. They squash this with a fork to make the lion's main. They then fill the inner part of the biscuit with yellow icing. Finally they add chocolate drops of sweets for the eyes, nose and mouth.

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