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Autumn Term 2005
toymaker badge
This term we gained our Toy Maker Badge.
toymaker badge
5th September: Toy Maker

Elephant toy

At the start of the meeting we searched for our six emblems and then worked out the secret message they contained. Well done to the Elves who were the quickest to solve the puzzle! We then played Mother-bird and Wee-Willy-Winky. After this we made a toy elephant as part of our toy maker badge. We finished the meeting by singing 'Everywhere we go'.
12th September: Barbie Designs

This week we played played Pirates and Squirrels. We then chose names for our Pack Leaders (Bambi and Thumper) and designed outfits for the Barbie Fashion Dolls as part of a national competition. Cross your fingers for us!
19th September: Pirate Evening

pirate treasure map  pirate knots  pirate parrot  pirate puncj and eye patch

We started the meeting with a game of Port-Starboard. We then hunted for pieces of a treasure map. Having pieced them together to find the treasure we bought a 'ship'. We then used strawberry and apple laces to learn the knots we needed for our boat, made eye patches, parrots and pirate punch.
26th September: Sense and pre-promise challenges

At the start of the meeting we had a pow-wow to decide how we wanted to celebrate the large number of new Brownies making their promise and whether we wanted a halloween party. We then played Fishes, Wee-willy-winky and Poachers and Elephants. The Brownies who have not yet made their promise then went with Hedgehog for some pre-promise challenges whilst the rest of us tried to guess a series of objects by touch and smell. We finished the meeting by learning a new song (I wish I was a little round orange) and singing Everywhere We Go.
3rd October: Cooking Biscuits

Making biscuits

We started the meeting by playing Shops. Swallow then led us in a running game about serving our Queen and Country. We then split into smaller groups to make biscuits. While we waited for the biscuits to cook we had a pow-wow to discuss what we'd like to do this term and then sang some songs.
10th October: Autumn

making hedgehogs chocolate hedgehog leaf butterflies

At the start of the meeting four Brownies (and Swallow) made their Promise. We then played their choice of game (Wee-Willy-Winky) and made chocolate hedgehogs. After this Swallow helped us to make butterflies from fallen leaves.
17th October: Elfinland Widegame

Sorting wizard spells in an Elfinland villageHunting for elf boots in an Elfinland village

At the start of the meeting we sang some songs and played wink murder whilst Panther and Thumper set up the game. We then went to Elfinland. Each six had to visit different villages and collect postcards. To travel between villages we needed tickets for pig, unicorn, elf cycle, troll cart and dragon rides. To obtain the money we needed we undertook a job in each village.
31st October: Halloween Party

Icing skeleton biscuits  Making marshmellow spiders  The flour-malteser game

As we arrived we iced skeleton gingerbreadmen, pumpkin biscuits and spider cakes, made marshmellow spiders, bobbed for apples and played the flour-malteser game. We then played a halloween themed pass the parcel, a running game called the witches cauldron, hunted for objects in the dark and felt the remains of a poor man devoured by a werewolf! After the games we ate lots of food.

halloween party decorations  eating at the halloween party  eating halloween food  halloween costume
14th November: Toy Maker continued

Making a Kleidoscope Making a jigsaw Making a puppet

At the start of the meeting we played Pirates and Wee-Willy-Winky. We then split into groups to make Jigsaw puzzles, pop up puppets and Kaleidoscopes. At the end of the meeting we enrolled two Brownies.
19th November: District Outing to the National Space Centre at Leicester

We went on a simulator ride to Europa, moved moon rock, walked on the moon, chose which supplies to load on a space shuttle, tested our astronaut fitness, drove a robot vechicle, maintained a space craft's life support systems, found lots of information about the planets, read the weather, made clouds form, saw ourselves in infer-red, saw the sound wave patterns of our voice and watched a show called 'Big'. To see more visit Trips 2005.
21st November: Finishing off the Toy Maker badge

At the start of the meeting we enrolled a new Brownie. We then played Mother-hen and Wee-Willy-Winky. After this we finished off the toys we started last week. We then learnt two new songs 'Black socks' and 'Three little angels'.
28th November: Coke and Questions

We started the meeting by playing Pirates and Wee-Willy-Winky. We then split into four teams for a quiz. The rounds were Childrens Films, Guess the Sound, Childrens Television, Children's Books and Brownie History. Whilst we answered the questions we drank Coke or Lemonade and ate crisps. While we waiting for the scores to be calculated we sang Pizza Hut and Everywhere We Go. The winning team won a big box of chocolates.
5th December: Christmas Crafts

making hamma bead christmas tree decorations glass painting ball-balls making stockings to hang on the Christmas tree making pupets

At the start of the meeting we played Fishes and meet Violet the Girlscout rabbit. We then made Christmas puppets, glass painted ball-balls and hamma bead and felt Christmas tree decorations.
8th December: Cinderella Pantomime

This evening we watched a short pantomime of Cinderella, performed by the Tesco marketing team. Being on a different day to usual, some of us forgot to turn up! There are some photographs of the panto at http://www.studio5.org.uk/Cinderella.htm.
12th December: Finishing off the Christmas Decorations

Christmas stocking Christmas puppets

At the start of the meeting we played NSEW and then a Christmas version of flower basket. We then finished our Christmas decorations from last week.
19th December: Christmas Party

wrapping up the tree decorating the tree a finished tree Eating the party food

This week we joined with the Guides for a Christmas party. We decorated one of our six as a Christmas tree using green toilet roll and sugar paper, hunted for Santa's elves and played a team/Christmasy version of String bags. We than sat down to eat lots of party food whilst the Guiders performed a short panto.

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