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18th July 2005: Ten Pin Bowling

We went to Cambridge Megabowl. We had one game and then ate a meal there. Some of us were very good bowlers!

2nd July 2005: Mission C.E.D

Mission C.E.D Mission C.E.D Mission C.E.D Mission C.E.D
Mission C.E.D Mission C.E.D Mission C.E.D

Our Guiding county were celebrating 95 years of Guiding and 60 years since WWII. They laid on lots of activities at Duxford Imperial War Museum. We road crazy bikes and go karts, had a go at making beaded friendship bracelets, yarn and lace, made balloon animals and friendship sticks, threw balls in a coconut shy (one of us knocked one off with their first throw!), played limbo and parachute games and watched a magic show. After lunch we looked around the rest of the museum.

Mission C.E.D Mission C.E.D Mission C.E.D
Mission C.E.D Mission C.E.D Mission C.E.D Mission C.E.D Mission C.E.D

19th November 2005: National Space Centre at Leicester

arriving at the space centre testing our astronaut skills testing our astronaut skills
moon walking   testing skills as an astronaut   moon walking

We went to the National Space Centre with the Cambridge City North District. In the morning we went on a simulator ride to Europa, moved moon rock, walked on the moon, chose which supplies to load on a space shuttle, tested our astronaut fitness, drove a robot vechicle and maintained a space craft's life support systems. After lunch our Pack split into teams for a quiz to find out more about the planets. We then read the weather, made clouds form, saw ourselves in infer-red, saw the sound wave patterns of our voice and went in the space theatre to watch a show called 'Big'.

discovering what happens to spacecraft on Venus Thumper's superman impression discovering pluto
reading the weather forecast    making clouds

8th December 2005: Cinderella Pantomime

We watched a short pantomime of Cinderella, performed by the Tesco marketing team. There are some photographs of the panto at

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