: Covid-19 weeknotes 23

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Friday 28th August, 2020
  1. I think I’ve forgotten how to do meals. I’m still eating, but it feels like they all blur into one another. Possibly because I’m mostly eating soup, and green salads with some protein, typically fish.

  2. I’m sure at the start of lockdown I… bothered more. But I’m no longer sure where I got the energy or imagination from.

  3. Actually, the imagination probably came from a book.

  4. Maybe the energy did, too. I’m still not reading as many books as I used to.

  5. I suspect also that the transition to salads, which happened way back in week 16, hasn’t helped because a lot of my weekly shop is now leaves.

  6. For some reason this means that although I’m buying about the same amount of food every week, come the weekend I generally have an empty fridge.

  7. Not counting limes.

  8. Also I’ve eaten a lot of the frozen portions of things. My freezer is a bit empty too.

  9. Not counting tequila.

  10. I can’t imagine my eating salads will last much longer, though, as the weather has definitely turned. Perhaps I can figure out a better balance of things to go with soup through the autumn.

  11. After a long period of silence, another work meetings update: these have almost completely died out. For a couple of weeks it was me and one other guy on our Friday calls. There are some people at work who don’t turn video on during our weekly team chats, and so I don’t really know what they look like.

  12. People change, okay?

  13. Today we did have a few more, so it wasn’t just George and me. But still feels like a tradition that might be dying.

  14. Back at the start of lockdown, I wished for some birthday presents and looking back over that list now I got the warm weather and nothing else. The one about people actually using headsets on video chats still bugs me.

Stay safe. Wear a mask. Try to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Or seven. Or ten. Oh whatever, just eat what you like. It’s not like I’m going to see you soon to tell you off or anything.