: Covid-19 weeknotes 21

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Sunday 16th August, 2020
  1. Bookcases fully populated.

  2. Yesterday I travelled down to see my mother, sister, and nieces. Walking in the woods, playing board games, being fed by someone else.

  3. I’m pretty sure this is what normal used to feel like.

  4. Now I’m back home, which is what normal now feels like.

  5. Albeit with a few more books than before, incrementally furthering my mother’s perfectly reasonable desire that I stop storing so many things at her house.

  6. Bookcases still not packed.

  7. This is not an invitation to myself to buy more books.

  8. Although this is very tempting, as frankly are many of the others Second Shelf has.

  9. In an effort to avoid buying books I don’t have time to read, I’ve enrolled in a Writing the Other course, which started today.

  10. Of course this means even less time to read, but as we’re reading for the course I think that’s a fair balance.

  11. Also getting me back into the swing of regular learning and assignments, ahead of the next year of my OU degree kicking off in October.

  12. Your essay on the differences between economics and fiction is due June 2021.

  13. I still haven’t finished Children of Virtue and Vengeance,

  14. This is partly because I’m still finding it hard to read fiction but also because I stopped to read European Data Protection, 2nd Edition.

  15. Sounds like maybe Ofqual should have done so also.

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