Emailing James Aylett

My main email address is I have a bunch of others for more specific tasks, and it should be pretty obvious if you need to use one of those. I won't list them here because they're irrelevant for personal communication.

Watching you… If you don't want governments the world over to know what you're saying, you should find me in person and verify my PGP key and then encrypt what you send. If I'm away from home, I may not be able to read and hence respond in a hurry, because my mobile devices don't have that key.

For historical reasons there are a few other keys I've used in the past, although I believe all of them have now expired. I wouldn't use them anyway, because either the keys lived on highly connected network servers (so the privacy can't be guaranteed), or they're on highly unconnected un-networked servers (so I can't read them in a timely fashion or, possibly, even at all).