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Winter Term 2007

5th September: Autumn

As we first arrived we tried an autumn themed wordseach and coloured pictures of squirrels. We then played a running game in which we were squirrels gathering 'nuts' (actually dried peas) for the winter. We then made squirrel models and chocolate hedgehog cakes. At the end of the meeting we sang songs.

12th September: Dinosaurs

On arrival we tried to assemble some dinosaur jigsaw puzzles. We then played a team running game in which we collected dinosaur bones and then made a dinosaur from them. After this we made dinosaur 'stain-glass' windows, fossil prints in clay and then dug in pots for glow in the dark dinosaurs. At the end of the meeting we listened to a story and learnt a new girlscout song about a skunk.

19th September: Under the Sea

making fish fridge magnets  painting crab  crab puppet  turtle

When we first arrived we painted paper plates and folded sugar paper to make puppet crabs. We then played a sea themed action game. After this we made fish fridge magnets and 3D paper turtles.

26th September: China

eating with chopsticks  painting lanterns  paper lanterns

As yesterday was the Chinese Moon Festival we had a Chinese themed meeting. As we arrived we decorated paper fans with chinese characters and flowers. One of our Rainbows then taught us to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' in Chinese. We then played a game from Hong Kong. After this we tried eating noodles and rice with chopsticks, made bracelets with chinese wooden character beads and painted paper lanterns.

3rd October: Senses

making a sandwich blindfolded  braille badge  sorting pasta blindfolded

As we arrived we sang. We then played an action game using sign language instead of words. After this we guessed the contents of a bag using our sense of touch. We then made badges with our name written in Braille, made sandwiches and sorted different pasta shapes whilst blindfolded.

17th October: People Who Help Us

As we arrived we coloured pictures of policewomen, dentists and fire fighters. Panther then gave each of us a card with a person who helps us on it. We made noises (e.g. nee-naw for a policewoman) and tried to find the other Rainbows who had the same card as us. We then played a 'people who help us' pairs game and made a thank you card for someone who helps us. We also designed a badge for Granta Divisions GR8 Day Out 2008.

31st October: Halloween Party

ghost lolly   witch fridge magnet   pumpkin fridge magnet

We made Halloween magnets, Ghost lollypops and iced skeleton biscuits. We then played Halloween themed string bag, zombie bumps, scary statues and pass the cauldron.

7th November: Divali

divali  divali  divali

As we arrived we sang songs. We then talked about the festival of Divali and looked at some pictures. After this we played a game in which we heard the story of Rama and Sita. We then decorated candle holders, made Rangoli patterns and Divali bookmarks. Panther painted our hands with Mendhi style patterns.

14th November: Co-operation Games

co operation games  co-operation games 
co-operation games

We began the meeting by colouring a picture. We then played co-operation games. One game involved looking at a picture and then describing it so that a friend could draw it. Another game was similar but we built lego creations instead. At the end of the meeting we made models with playdo. Those Rainbows who wanted to held hands and made their models so that one Rainbow used their left and and the other their right. Everyone did really well.

21st November: Fairies

fairy   making wands   magic wand

As we arrived we drew a flower on a paper bowl. We then made fairy wants and fairy booklets. When we had finished making things we spread the bowls out on the floor. We took it in turns to hide a flower fairy under a flower. All the other Rainbows then stood by a flower. On the count of 3 we all looked to see if we had found the fairy. Whoever had her was the next person to hide her.

28th November: Games

This week we played lots of games including The Three Bears, What's the time Mr Vampire, Please Mr Crocodile, The Clapping Game, and Hedgehogs.

5th December: Christmas Craft

christmas decorations  reindeer pom-pom pal  elf pom-pom pal  penguin pon-pom pal

On arrival we coloured in Christmas 'stain-glass' pictures. We then played Please Mr Crocodile. After this we made Winter Pom-pom pals, used glass paint to decorate ball-balls and made Rainbow scratch decorations. At the end of the meeting we began to make Christmas crackers.

12th December: More Christmas Craft

We finished off our Christmas crackers from last week. We then hunted for Christmas cards and made mini Christmas trees, a Reindeer placemat and a Reindeer serviette holder.

19th December: Christmas Party

Pass the parcel

We played pin the nose on frosty the snowman, we snuck into Santa's worshop to search for our presents (keeping very quiet so that Santa didn't wake up) and played musical statues. We then ate a party tea after which we played tip-it and pass the parcel.