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Summer Term 2008

16th April: Garden Creatures

wooden fridge magnet  insect pouches  paper robin
As we arrived we coloured garden pictures. We then played a garden themed running game. Next we made paper Robins, wooden fridge magnets and insect pouches.

23rd April: Thinking of Others

finding out about the 3rd world

This week we thought about children in parts of the world where it is sometimes difficult to go to school. We found out about three girls and talked about how their lives were similar and different to ours. We played a special version of pass the parcel to make us think about some of the things that can make it difficult for children in poor countries to go to school. We then played a game to help us think how difficult it would be if we had to walk miles to find water. We decided to raise some money to buy learning toys for children in Bolvia.

30th April: Frogs

frog puppet and bag

As we arrived we sang songs, including one about a little green frog. Next we played hunt the fly. We then made frog finger puppets and frog pouch bags. At the end of the meeting we had a froggy race.

7th May: Yogabugs

yogabugs   relaxation

This week we were lucky enough to have a lady come to our meeting from Yogabugs. She told us a special story and we did lots of actions to it.

14th May: Aim Hi badge!

We began by making a laminated picture to remind us to brush our teeth. We then had a very silly race involving a tomato. After this we took part in an activity to show us the importance of keeping our teeth clean, found out about the organs of the body and discussed the things we were good. We then made talent tree posters.

17th May: GR8 Day Out


Today we joined with our whole Division for a special GR8 Day Out. We made badges, hamma beads and window decorations, we played giant games, tried some circus skills, had our faces painted and made bath salts.

21st May: Harry Potter Promise Party

As we arrived we made owl bookmarks and coloured Harry Potter themed pictures. Our new Rainbows then made her Rainbows promise. We then played lots of games including Professor Snape's potion, hunt the bat, balloon quidditch, pass the owl and musical bumps. We finished with some songs.

4th June: Bees and Flowers

We made bumble bee cards, clay flowers, and flower photo frames. We also played a game in which we gathered nectar from flowers.

11th June: Butterflies

butterfly mask  butterfly gliders  butterfly

We made caterpillars, butterfly gliders, butterfly masks, decorated foam butterflies and painted our clay flowers. We also played a silly game called caterpillar crawl.

18th June: Tangram puzzles and Chinese Ribbon Dancing

ribbon dance  ribbon dance

We began by colouring a picture of the olympic rings. We then listened to a story about tangram puzzles and had a go at making our own. Next we watched a short video of some girls doing a chinese ribbon dance. We then split into little groups and made up our own ribbon dances.

25th June: Olympic Mascots and Chinese Games

We watched a cartoon featuring this year's Olympic mascots and coloured pictures of them. We then played games from China including Lame Chicken and Motherhen. We also played a game in which we found out how Chinese food could symbolise different things. At the end of the meeting we watched a video showing the Olympic torch, but we ran out of time to make one!

2nd July: Mini Olympics

Swimming in the triathlon  balloon co-operation race  straw race]

At the start of the meeting we made Olympic torches. We then had lots of wacky races including obstacle courses a silly triathlon, a balancing straw race and a balloon co-operation race.

9th July: Safari Park

lemur  snake

On arrival we coloured safari park bookmarks and door hangers. We then played a game where we exchanged places when different safari animals were called. After this we made a vulture, wolf or lemur model and a long, bendy snake. At the end of the meeting we learnt some safari and zoo based songs.

18th July: Rainbow Romp

rainbow romp summer 2008  making mermaids  mermaid

We enjoyed a whole day of activities. Our theme was 'Mythical Creatures'. To find out more about this event, take a look at our trips section.