1st Whittlesford Rainbows
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Summer Term 2007

18th April: Wild Animals

Glass painting Lion head Animal Jigsaw puzzle
Decorating biscuits

We made lion heads to stick on our bedroom walls, glass painted a choice of animal suncatchers, decorated biscuits with a lion's head and coloured animal jigsaw puzzles. At the end of the meeting we sang Everywhere we go, Alice the Camel and Crazy Elephant.

25th April: Insects

playing beetlemaking finger puppets making scratch stickersmaking scratch stickers

We began the meeting with some songs. We then looked at a wasps nest and played hunt the ladybirds and beetle. We then made insect finger puppets and butterfly scratch stickers.

2nd May: Under the Sea

Fish kite   Fish Relay   Octopus

As we arrived we made fish kites and learnt a new song about a caterpillar. We then played a fish relay game. For the rest of the meeting we made an Octopus out of wool.

9th May: Rainforests

Making rainforest collages  rainforest collages  A couple of cheeky monkeys!

At the start of the meeting those who had not yet written a letter to their pen-pals wrote letters whilst everyone else had a go at a (quite tricky) wordsearch about the rainforest. We then played a running game in which we were animals from the rainforest. After a Rainbow Chat about the rainforest we made 'kind and helpful' monkeys, a rainforest collage and had a go at a rainforest sounds quiz on Panther's computer.

16th May: Saving Energy

snakes and ladders  Posters  Making pirate boxes

As we arrived we sang I wish I was a little round orange and Crazy elephant. We also learnt a new song about a whale in a hole and My Ship Sailed from China. We then played the Rainforest game. After this we played a snakes and ladders game and made posters to remind us of some of the things we can do to save energy and made a pirate treasure chest out of boxes that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Fairytale Promise Party

Eating party tea

As we arrived we made fairytale themed door signs. Two of us then made their Rainbow promise. We then played two fairytale themed games and ate a party tea.

6th June: Panda Evening

panda masks   Panda masks   Pandas

As we arrived we sang songs. We then played Mummy Bear, Daddy Bear and Baby Bear. Next we had a Rainbow chat all about Pandas. We then made Pandas from craft foam and Panda masks. After this we played hunt the bamboo. At the end of the meeting we dicussed raising money for Guide Dogs for the blind.

10th June: Division Rainbow Birthday Party

knitting   making bubbles

When the Rainbows first arrived they said hello to each other using greeting customs from different parts of the world. The Rainbows then tried finger knitting, making giant bubbles, collecting 20 things, following a picture trial and making a picture from natural objects. After this the girls ate Birthday cake and listened to a story.

13th June: Co-operation Evening

Team work

We began by playing co-operation games in teams (islands and sharks, stepping across the river, balloon walk, group balances and shapes). We then split into four teams. Each team made a shelter, a poster/flag for their shelter and a set of rules for their desert island.

20th June: Wacky Olympics

Under and Over Balloon  stone and spoon race  Water relay

Initially we decorated a paper plate and coloured an Olympic mascot. We then talked about the Olympic rings, mascots and made the Olympic oath. After this we had several wacky races including one involving water. When we were worn out we threw the discus (our paper plate) and then had a drink. At the end of the meeting we were presented with 'Olympic' medals.

27th June: Sponsored Silence

Making doggy card   Paper doggy   Paper doggy   Doggy greetings card

Tonight we did all our activities in silence to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind. We made two 'pet' dogs from paper, a dog greetings card, coloured pictures of different types of dogs and completed a doggy join the dots puzzle.

1st July 2007: Sawston Sport and Fun Day

On the slide

We were invited to take part in the Scout fun day. There was a bouncy castle, a slide, and a simulator.  In the end only one Rainbow from our unit turned up. Hopefully she had fun anyway!

4th July: Puppy Walker Visit

Our guide dog in training visitor   our guide dog visitor

As we arrived we made doggy bookmarks and coloured a poster about dogs who help us. Two Rainbows had kindly brought in pictures of the Guide Dogs they had sponsored. We then played Please Mr Crocodile and the Three Bears game. It was then time for our special visitor to arrive. The puppy walker talked to us about Guide Dogs and the work that he does. We met his dog - a labradoodle. He explained that they are particularly good for people who have allergies to dog hair as they hardly moult.

11th July: Sun and Craft

jigsaw   sun pictures   finger puppet   jigsaw

This evening we began by singing songs. We then played Please Mr Vampire and discussed sun safety. Next we made pictures using sun sensitive paper, finger pupets, jigsaw puzzles and sun safety activity sheets.

18th July: Magical End of Term Party

Magic wand  Plate spinning  Game

After one of our new Rainbows made their promise we enjoyed a show by Mel the magician. It included magic, juggling and plate spinning. We then had a party tea.