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Spring Term 2007

10th January: Welsh Evening

welsh calendar   pet dragons   Welsh Lovespoons

We are hoping to exchange mascots with a welsh unit (Panther can't find their address so please get in touch if you are the unit who wanted to exchange with us!) so this evening we made a 2007 Welsh dragon calendar, Welsh love spoons and little pet dragons. We also played a new listening game - Isn't it funny that a bear likes honey.

17th January: All About Me


As we arrived we decorated the front cover for a special book. We then played Isn't it funny that a bear likes honey. Panther had cut up photographs of our faces so that our forehead, eyes, nose and mouth were separated and we tried to find ourselves. It was very difficult because some people had similar eyes and noses! We then looked at photos of us that had coloured special effects on them. We were quite good at guessing who was who, but some were quite tricky. We then made books about ourselves. As part of this activity we drew around our hands and feet to show how big they were. We finished the meeting with some of our favourite songs. Everyone present received a badge called The Right To Be Me.

31st January: The Right To Peace

Origami   Yoga

As we arrived we coloured a picture of people holding hands around the world with a dove flying over head. We then played Isn't it funny that a bear likes honey. After this we discussed what we could do when we felt angry or argued with someone. We discovered why a paper folded crane is a symbol of peace and folded our own origami crane. We then learnt seven hatha yoga postures and played a game using them.

7th February: Flower Fairy Promise Party

Decorating fairy cakes   Singing Songs

At the start of the meeting we decorated fairy cakes. As we finished some of our older Brownies led some singing. Three new Rainbows made their promise and then we played pass the parcel, hunt the fairies, musical statues and Panther says. Some of us came dressed as fairies. We all went home with a fairy pony and a balloon.

21st February: District Thinking Day Celebration

God's eyes at Thinking Day    Mendhi painting at Thinking Day    Craft at Thinking Day

We joined with other Rainbows, Brownies and Guides to celebrate Thinking Day. We enjoyed lots of activities from Switzerland, Mexico, India and England. We made God's eyes, had Mendhi designs painted on our hands, tried some Indian dancing, ate Fondue and nann bread and many other interesting activities.

28th February: Japan

Japanese dolls  Japanese good luck cat  Origami hats

Tonight we thought about Brownies and Guides in Japan. As we arrived we coloured a Japanese picture. We then played a Japanese game called Flower Basket. After this we made a Japanese doll, a good luck cat and folded some simple origami. At the end of the meeting we listened to some music from Japan and had a little dance to it!

Japanese dolls  Dancing to Japanese music

7th March: Canada

Colouring a Canadian picture  making pancakes  beaver  moose

We began by colouring a picture of a moose in Canadian countryside. We then made mini pancakes using pie cases and candles (OK, not very Canadian but they tasted yummy!). After this we made either a moose or a beaver. At the end of the meeting we sang a couple of songs.

14th March: New Zealand

Maori Stick Dance  Kiwi bird puppets  Sheep fridge magnets

As we arrived we decorated sticks with Maori style patterns. We then tried a Maori stick dance, made Kiwi bird finger puppets and sheep fridge magnets. At the end of the meeting we played a clapping game played by New Zealand Pippins (the equivalent of Rainbows) and sang some songs.

21st March: Messy Week!

Making goo Nose painting! Foot painting Hunt the ring

At the start of the meeting we sang songs and played 'Isn't it Funny that a bear like honey?' We then did some painting with our nose and feet, made goo and hunted for a ring by sticking our hands into bowls full of baked beans, spagetti, custard, mashed potato and other icky things.

28th March: Easter

Making easter bracelets  Sewing easter purses  Easter purse  Making a bookmark

As we arrived we coloured eggs and Easter bookmarks. We then had an Easter Egg hunt. After this we made Easter purses, Easter bracelets and had a go at some Easter wordsearches.