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Chocolate Dino Nests

Crush four weetabix and stir into 300g of melted chocolate. Mold into nest shapes and add mini eggs.

To make the baby dino reduce the image on this page.

Stain Glass Dinosaurs

Make or purchase dinosaur templates.

The Brownies select a template and draw round it onto dark coloured sugar paper. Next the Brownies should cut out the shape and stick tissue paper over the hole.

When stuck onto a window they can look very pretty.

Cardboard Model dinos

Print the Cera and Littlefoot templates found here.

For the best results stick the body and legs onto card (and the head for littlefoot) but leave the rest as paper.

Cut out and glue together as shown in the finished picture.


An increase in volcanic activity may have contributed to the death of the dinosaurs. End your dinosaur meeting by making your own erupting volcano.

Make a mountain shape from flour and then press a dip in the top. Put 1 tea spoon of baking soda into the mound and a couple of drops of red food colouring. Add a dessert spoon of vinegar and watch the volcano erupt!

Fossil Imprints

You need a small fossil for this craft. If you have a suitable beach nearby you may be able to find an ammonite fossil. If not, they can usually be purchased for between 50p and £1.50. We bought ours from Borders book shop.

Roll a small piece of air drying clay into a ball and then press the fossil into it. To turn this into a necklace make a hole through the top of the clay using a pencil. When the clay is dry you can thread a piece of wool through the hole.


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