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December 18th 2004: ICANDO and the London Eye

 Outside the palace at ICANDO connect 4 at ICANDO
building bridges at ICANDO
climbing at ICANDO building climbing frames at ICANDO climbing at ICANDO

We went to London by train and met up with Panther's old unit - 5th Rainham Brownies. We saw Buckingham Palace, visited ICANDO and travelled on the London Eye. It was a great day, but we were all very sleepy on the way home!

acting at ICANDO acting at ICANDO puppet show at ICANDO
at the foot of the London Eye on the London Eye on the London Eye

June 19th 2004: Pleasurewood Hills

Pleasurewood Hills Ride Pleasurewoof Hills Ride Pleasurewood Hills Ride

Our District went to Pleasurewood Hills. The coach journey was quite long, but we enjoyed ourselves once we got there. There were lots of rides - some that were great for older Brownies, some that were good for younger Brownies, and several that were enjoyed by everyone.

Pleasurewood Hills Ride Pleasurewood Hills Ride Pleasurewood Hills Ride

May 7th 2004: Swimming at Parkside Pools

At the swimming pool At the swimming pool At the swimming pool

We had missed our usual meeting due to the Bank Holiday, so we went swimming at the end of the week instead. One of us managed to persuade a Guider to go down the flume - twice! The Guiders thought the water was rather cold but we didn't seem to mind.

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