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Spring Term 2004
The World Guiding badge This term we gained the World Guiding
and the Brownie Traditions badges.
Brownie Traditions badge
12th January: Games in our new sixes

Leprechaun six emblem
Our Pixie six emblem
Our elf six emblem

We played games in our new sixes. Afterwards, those Brownies who had not yet been enrolled played a game based on the Brownie Guide Law, whilst the older Brownies played a concentration game.

19th January: Making friends with Junior Girl Scouts in California

Girl scout uniform  The flag of California  The Girl Scout Uniform

We recieved some letters, postcards, stickers, badges and pencils from a Junior Girl Scout Troop in California. The older Brownies replied to these letters, and the younger Brownies wrote introductory letters which we hope will find their way to Brownie Girl Scouts. During the meeting we also made Thinking Day cards and played the game 'shops' with an American twist.
26th January: We celebrated Australia day

Playing the digeridoo Playing the digeridoo Australia day Playing the digeridoo Playing the digeridoo

We invited someone who had been to Australia to come and talk about the country and show us some artefacts. We played a game based on Australian animals and tried playing a digeridoo. We listened to some Australian Aboriginal music and made a display about Australia and Australian Guiding.
2nd February: We solved a Murder Mystery

Recreation of the crime  Recreation of the crime scene

We played the role of detectives hunting for a pretend murderer. We interviewed and took the finger prints of suspects, searched though evidence including the diary of the victim and the crime scene, listened to an answer phone message left at the victim's house and watched security footage of one of the suspects arguing with the victim. At the end, two of the three teams managed to accuse the correct person.  (And to be fair - the person the other team accused was acting very suspiciously!)
9th February: We tried dance styles from different countries

Brownies Greek DancingEgyptian DancingMore Egyptian dancing

We started with a dance from Greece which got faster and faster. We then tried some raqs sharqi from the Middle East, and Bollywood style dancing from India. At the end of the meeting we sampled sweets from each country. We all liked one of the Indian sweets, but none of us liked the Greek halva!
23rd February: Mardi Gras themed district Thinking Day

Decorating our floatOur Ancient Greek themed floatOur float in the paradeHunting for the baby King in messy tubs

We decorated our float with an Ancient Greek theme. We made masks and bracelets, decorated biscuits and hunted for the "baby King" in messy tubs. We also tried New Orleans King Cake and drank some Mardi Gras punch.
1st March: Chinese themed evening with added chips

Some of our pendants  Getting ready to use chopsticks  Eating rice with chopsticks

After an initial game we made shrinkle pendants with our Chinese Year of birth. We then tried eating rice and chips with chopsticks. At the end of the meeting our older Brownies discussed what they need to do for the meeting they are organising whilst everyone else learnt a singing game called Cookie Jar.
8th March: Sweet making

Coconut ice that went a bit wrong!Marzipan fruit Chocolate truffle

After some initial games we made peppermint and strawberry creams, coconut ice, chocolate truffles and marzipan/fondant fruits. When making the marzipan fruits we got rather a lot of food colouring on our fingers - it was all a bit messy! The chocolate truffles were really yummy.
15th March: Frogs - a meeting run by our older Brownies

Frog  Frog  Frog

Three of our older Brownies planned and ran the entire evening. We started with a team game in which we had to move a paper frog across the room using a folded up piece of paper. We then looked at some real frogs and newts that one of our parent's kindly brought in. After that we made posters and origami frogs. We finished with a frog themed observation quiz.
22nd March: A Brownie meeting from the past

Pin the badge on the Brownie Uniform from the 1930s Uniform from the 1950s Uniform from the 1980s Putting together a jigsaw of old World and Promise badges

We tried on old uniform and had a go at some challenges from and about the past. Those who wanted to gain their Brownie Traditions badge brought sketches to the meeting of the kind of uniform they think Brownies will be wearing in ten years time.

A future summer uniform design A future winter uniform design A future uniform for the Winter A future summer uniform design A future summer uniform design A future winter uniform design
29th April: A Tudor themed banquet party

Tudor lady        Tudor Rose       Tudor lady

We dressed up as Tudors, played a 'Wars of the Roses' team game, tried two Tudor dances and played skittles. We also acted the part of court jesters and enjoyed a great feast. Two Brownies were rewarded with prizes for their good behaviour and Brownie spirit over the term.
Easter Holidays: Pirate themed sleepover

Pirate sleepover Whistle game Making finger puppets

We made pirate hats, pirate bandanas, pirate fridge magnets, parrot finger puppets and knotted ships. We searched for medallions, solved a puzzle and played lots of games to test our pirate skills. To find out more look in our Holiday section.
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