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Pirate Sleepover (Easter 2004)

Our Captains battle it out
In the Easter Holidays of 2004 we had a pirate themed sleepover.

pirate who's who chart
Our sixes were the parrots and the peg-legs.

We coloured a pirate to represent us on the Who's Who chart, and made six badges.
Pirate activity chart

Each six made a pirate flag

Parrots making their flag
Peg-legs making pirate flag
The finished pirate flags

and negotiated a pirate code with their six captain.

Adding a rule to the pirate code
The Peg-leg pirate code
The Parrot's pirate code

Next we tested our pirate skills. We learnt some whistle calls used onboard ship, and played a game using them. We demonstrated our sword skills by bursting water balloons. We were guided by our crew mates through "rocky waters".

Whistle game Sword skills with water balloons Do you trust your crew?

We tested our ability to climb the rigging and run from the King's soldiers on this obstacle course. We then tested our aim by "bombing" ships.

Obstacle course Obstacle course Obstacle course Bombing ships

Finally we demonstrated our skill with a gun. Back indoors we made pirate ships which used special knots and played a game which involved lying.

Skill with a water pistol Skill with a water pistol Making knot ships

We made pirate hats

Making a pirate hat Pirate hat Three pointed pirate hat Pirate hat

and pirate bandanas.

Making pirate bandana
PIrate bandana
Pirate bandana
Finished bandana

Watching the little vampire
When everyone was ready for bed, we had hot chocolate and a biscuit. Those who wanted to were able to watch a children's film. They choose to watch The Little Vampire.

At midnight, those who were awake had a midnight feast.

We made parrot finger puppets.

Making finger puppets
Making finger puppets The finished finger puppets

We used hama beads to make fridge magnets in the shape of a ship, pirate or Jolly Roger flag.

Making fridge magnets
Pirate fridge magnets

We hunted for stolen medallions and solved their riddle.

Hunting for the medallions
Hunting for the medallions
The parrots try to solve the riddle
The Peg-legs try to solve the puzzle

Making pizzas
Throughout the sleepover we helped cook, lay the table and wash up. We all gained our cooks badge and sleepover badge.
The cooks badge
Washing up

Happy birthday!
One of us was nine on the Sunday - Happy Birthday!
Pirate cake

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