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Narnia Pack Holiday (Summer 2006)

This year we had a joint Pack Holiday with 5th Rainham Brownies at Pax Wood Hall. We voted for 'Narnia' as our theme. Our sixes were Hags, Wolves, Foxes, Fawns and Unicorns. The adults were Aslan, The White Witch, Mr Tumnus, Maugrim and Mrs Beaver. We also has a Pack Leader called Queen Lucy and a Young Leader called Queen Susan.

After meeting the "evacuees" from 4th Cambridge we had a drink and biscuit. We then played a game where we collected wardrobes to help us learn the names of everyone in our six. We then played hide and seek. During the game Mr Tumnus took a Brownie off to Narnia. We had to work out who was missing. In our sixes we then went outside to collect 7 symbols. Each symbol represented a book in the Narnia chronicles. We had to put them in the correct order to reveal the winning word.

Find your sixes wardrobes playing hide and seek Finding the chronicles

We then had free time (several of us went to the adventure playground) whilst the Kitchen maids and Parlour maids layed the table and cooked dinner. We ate jacket potato or smiley faces and pizza. For afters we had chocolate sponge and custard.

helping make the chocolate sponge  adventure playground  adventure playground

After dinner we made fridge magnets. We traced Narnia pictures onto Shrinkle paper and coloured them in. These were then put in the oven to shrink, and magnets stuck to the back of them. We then split into groups to make Aslan from salt dough or hamma beads, White Witch masks and Narnia scenes painted onto glass.

making shrinkles salt dough lions glass paint outline aslan hamma beads  glass painting

We then had showers, drank hot chocolate or flavoured milk and ate a biscuit. Finally we went up to the Diary Room to watch "The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe". After this we went straight to sleep (ha, ha).

making purses   making purses   finished purse

After a continental breakfast and our duties we made Narnian purses from craft foam and pipe cleaners.

painting masks   mask   painting the lions

We then finished off our crafts from last night.

painting glass   finished glass painting   finished glass painting
hamma bead lions   lion salt dough

After a lovely roast dinner and Vienetta we played a wide game. Each six were given "a message" (a raw egg) that they had to give to Aslan. Unfortunately no-one knew where Aslan was, so we had to talk to different Narnian characters, gain their trust and find out whether they had seen Aslan. When we had everyone's information about Aslan we could work out where he was going to be and deliver the message. We helped Mrs Beaver to rebuild her dam, made pan-pipes with Mr Tumnus, translated an ancient prophecy with the Witch's servant, helped to find the fairy Queen's children, made a spell with an old hag and got past the Witch's polar bear to consult her magic mirror.

making pan pipes Mr Tumnus translating ancient prophecy

We had a picnic tea on the grass and then dipped fruit into a chocolate fountain. Later in the evening we took part in a quiz. After the quiz we walked over to the field for a camp fire. We sang lots of songs before returning for showers and a drink. We watched a performance by three of our Brownies and at 1 am we had a midnight feast.

campfire campfire performance

On Monday morning we had a cooked breakfast. We then packed our bags and got ready to go to the park. Unfortunately the rides were shut (as it had been raining) but we went in the paddling pool.

paddling pool   paddling pool

We rode bikes, went on the bouncy castle and played on the adventure playground.

adventure playground adventure playground adventure playground playground

We also had a ride on the train.

train at the park train at the park train at the park

Since it wasn't very nice weather we went back to the hall for a lunch of sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, cocktail sausages, rolls, crisps, salad, fruit and chocolate bars.

eating lunch   lunch   lunch

We then gave out badges. Everyone gained their Pack Holiday Badge, Cooks Badge and Craft Badge.
Finally we sang Brownie Bells and returned back through the wardrobe.

goodbye everyone

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