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Summer Term 2010
19th April - 24th May: 100 Years of Homemaking Badge

For the first half of the summer term we worked towards our 100 years of homemaking badge. We made rose petal soap and chocolate or lemon bath bombs. We then gift wrapped them using fancy ribbon techniques. We cooked jam tarts and cheesey puff rolls. We grew lettuce, made hand sewn purses and designed our dream bedroom.

Holly, a brownie from South Africa was visiting us, so during six time we made lots of little SWAPS and brownie themed items to share with her brownies. You can see how we made theme here.

4th June: Punting Trip

We spent the day punting on the River Cam along the college backs, solving riddles on a treasure hunt around Cambridge city centre and climbing the tower of Great St Mary's Church. We were very tired afterwards!

7th June: Out and About Badge

This week we finished the Out and About Badge, which included making up and performing short safety plays. We also played several running around games.

14th June: Party Planning

We wrote invitations to two rainbow units and some of our rainbow aged sisters. We then planned what food we should bring, which games we should play and practiced a craft we will help the rainbows to do.

21st June: Rainbow Scottish Themed Party

Scottish themed Rainbow Party   Scottish decorations

The brownies decorated the hall and then helped the rainbows to make pipe cleaner thistles, ice St Andrew's flag onto biscuits and make a playdough Loch Ness monster. The brownies then organised pass the parcel, shops, musical statues, spin the 'knife' and musical chairs. The rainbows and brownies then ate a party tea.

26th June: Dr Who Revels

Dr Who revels   

We got together with the 41st Cambridge Brownies for a Dr Who themed brownie revels. You can read all about it in our trips section.

28th June: Hand Chimes, Sun Safety and a Pirate Treasure Hunt

Hand chimes   Pippa from Timboon, Australia

We made sun fridge magnets and wrote down ways to help keep us heathly in this hot weather. We then met Pippa, a mascot from Australia. We had a pirate treasure hunt outside, played hand chime ringing and played Captain's Coming. At the end of the meeting we had a pow-wow to decide our theme for camp (shipwrecked) and sixes for pack holiday (bats, vampires and werewolves). You can listen to some of us play Twinkle, twinkle little star.

5th July: Water Games and Water Aid

We found out about the need for clean water and how some children around the world struggle to get it. We then played a series of water themed games. We were challenged to complete a chore at home in return for a small donation to Water Aid. We raised ? (figure coming soon!).

12th July: Tracking

We learnt about tracking signs and set and laid a trail. We then played games and sang brownie songs.

19th July: Bowling

For our last meeting of term we went ten pin bowling.

2nd-3rd August: Brownie Camp

We went on an overnight camp with a Shipwrecked theme. Soon we'll add more information to our holidays section.
24th-26th August: Pack Holiday

We stayed at Pax Wood House for two nights. Our theme was Vampires and Werewolves. Soon we'll add more information to our holidays section.

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