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16th February: Mardi Gras Pancake Party

Mardi Gras Masks
In the morning we put up balloons and paper chains in Mardi Gras colours, we made Mardi Gras masks, Mardi Gras Jester magnets, Mardi Gras themed hair clips and decorated King cake.

Mardi Gras masks king cake magnet
After lunch and a run around in the park we watched a short video about the Muse krewe who decorated shoes to give to people in their Mardi Gras parade. In groups we decorated cardboard shoes.

shoes    shoes

Finally we cooked pancakes over tea lights, made scotch pancakes and started to make Mardi Gras themed bracelets and Jester badges. We ran out of time for these and our party games, so we're going to fiinish them off  at brownies.

hama bead bracelets  night light pancakes  pancakes

20th February: Steel Band Workshop

steel band workshop steel band workshop steel band workshop

We went to Homerton college for a chance to play this Caribbean instrument. Listen to us play. (The link will play an mp3 file. If your browser does not play mp3s right click and save.)

4th June: Punting, treasure hunt and climbing Great St Mary's Tower

We spent the day punting on the River Cam along the college backs, solving riddles on a treasure hunt around Cambridge city centre and climbing the tower of Great St Mary's Church. We were very tired afterwards!

26th June: Dr Who Revels

Dr Who Revels

We joined with the 41st Cambridge brownies for a day of Dr Who fun. We began by making junk model aliens.

junk model alien junk model alien junk model alien and planet

We then learnt that Dr Who was trapped in the Pandorica. The Darleks had broken the key and scattered the pieces across time and space. It was up to us and our vortex manipulators to gather together the pieces. In order to find/earn the pieces we needed to complete 6 tasks. We made "Ironside" biscuits and cakes in WW2...

Darlek Chocolate Cake Making Darlek Chocolate Cake Ironside biscuits

We wrapped up mummies and made scarabs in Ancient Egypt and used face paint to disguise ourselves as aliens on another planet...

Wrapping up mummies Wrapping up mummies alien disguise

We dug up pots and pieced them together to read a message. We then went back to Ancient Rome to find some coins...

messages on pots   pots   roman

We stole the Uranium power core from a Cyberman factory and rewired the machine so it could unconvert people. At the end of the game we fitted the pieces into the Pandorica and released the Doctor. We then played Dr Who themed games and sang some songs.

group puzzlecyberman factorypandorica

13th September: Visiting our local fire station

Fire station Trying on firemen's outfits Fireman's hat Looking at fire fighting equipment

We visited Cambridge Fire Station. We learnt about fire safety, looked at the equipment on the fire engines, tried on some of the clothes worn by the fire fighters and had a go at using the hose.

28th October: Chessington World of Adventures

We went on three trains to get to Chessington! When we arrived we split into groups of four and each group chose which rides and attractions they would go to. Here are some photos from the journey...

On the first train On the undergroun On the train

Two groups went round the sealife centre...

Sealife centre Sealife centre Sealife centre

Some of the rides groups went on included Hocus Pocus Hall (a spooky funhouse), the Runaway Minetrain, Griffin's Galleon, Peeking Heights, Monkey Swinger, the Black Buccaneer, the Bubbleworks, Dragon Falls, Tuk Tuk Turmoil and the Rattlesnake. Unfortunately no-one got to ride the Vampire because the queues were too long - maybe another year!

Hocus Pocus Hall The Runaway minetrain Smaller swing boat

Peeking Heights Peeking Heights Peeking Heights

Monkey Swinger Black Buccaneer Black Buccaneer Saying hello to a Halloween witch

We had a bit of a disappointing time feeding the Lorrikeets (who weren't interested in eating anything) and visiting the walk through monkey area (because they had all gone inside), but we enjoyed watching the Meerkats and playing the instruments at Wanyama village.

wanyama   wanyama   wanyama   wanyama

Here we are waiting for the final train home. We've been out and about at this point for 12 hours - do you think we look tired?

Chessington trip

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