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Spring Term 2010
11th January: Australian Aboriginal Art

Echidna cake  dot painting  dot painting coasters

This evening we started to decorate cork coasters in the style of Australian aboriginal dot painting. We then chose a theme for pack holiday (vampires) and played 'stations' using Australian aboriginal animals. We then made cross hatching style aborignal pictures using coloured chalk, echidna cakes and worked on a giant dot painting picture to hang at the hall. At the end of the meeting we sang 'cuddly Koalas'.

Large dot painting

18th January: Crocodiles, Kangaroos and Stories

Matchbox crocodile  Kangaroo toilet roll craft

We continued to paint our coasters, played cockatu sentry and then listened to an Australian Aboriginal story about a kangaroo. For the rest of the meeting we turned matchboxes into crocodiles and toilet roll inners into kangaroos.

To see details of our Australian activities visit the Australian section of ideas4kids.org

25th January: Touring Australia Wide Game

dinosaur bones   Australia map

This evening's activities were themed around Australian tourists attractions. Each six tried to visit all 7 Australian states, undertaking a related activity in each. When the activity was complete the six earnt a piece of an Australian map. We visited a 'glow worm cave', learnt a song about Botany Bay, listened to different animal sounds made on a digeridoo, hunted sea turtles, tracked Australian animals by following their 'footprints', went on a dinosaur trail and acted out an Australian Aboriginal story. Congratulations to the Elves who completed all 7 activities!

glow worm cave  dinosaur bones

1st February: Australian Crafts

Great Barrier Reef Pencil Pot

We played fishes and then finished our crocodiles and kangaroos. We then decorated the back of the boxes we made at the start of term with an Australian flag and made a great barrier reef pencil pot.

8th February: Chinese New Year

At the start of the meeting we made a Koala pot to finish our desk tidies. We then wrote a wish and tied it to an orange (a Chinese tradition), made Chinese new year shrinkles and tried eating with chopsticks.

16th February: Mardi Gras Pancake Party

mardi gras  pancakes  jester

We had a day of Mardi Gras and pancake themed activities. Visit out 2010 trips section for more details.

20th February: Steel Band Workshop

steel bandsteel band workshopsteel band

We went to Homerton for a steel band workshop. To hear us play, visit our 2010 trips section.

22nd February: District Thinking Day, One World, One Beat

We made junk instruments. We also tried Scottish dancing, line dancing, a Greek dance and a Bollywood dance. At the end of the event we sang songs, using the instruments we made.

1st March: Welsh Themed Evening

Panther was ill this week, so Badger (the guide leader) kindly stepped in and organised a Welsh themed evening for us.

8th March: Australian Badges for thinking day

Australian uniform mini puppets  Saturn table decoration  space themed napkin holders

On arrival we made mini puppets showing the new Australian uniform. We then played some games left over from the Mardi Gras themed day. For the rest of the meeting each six undertook activities based on one of the Australian challenge badges. Those trying the food badge made ANZAC biscuits, whilst those trying the the space badge made Saturn table decorations and space napkin holders ready for our space themed dinner party.

15th March: Space themed dinner party

cooking our dinner  Enjoying our dinner party

We completed our Australian Badges for Thinking Day challenge by holding a space themed dinner party. We made space themed placemats, set and decorated the tables, cooked four courses and then enjoyed our dinner.

22nd March: New Zealand Theme

Maori stick dance  Maori stick game

We learnt how to play the Maori stick game, made New Zealand brownie uniforms from hama beads and made woven Tipare headbands. (We found the weaving really hard!)

new zealand brownie hama bead   Woven Tipare headbands

You can download instructions for our New Zealand activities here.

29th March: New Zealand and Easter


We went on an Easter Egg hunt, finished crafts from earlier in the term and made Poi.
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