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Autumn Term 2010
6th September: Making SWAPS


We made an assortment of SWAPS to send to brownies in Australia (you can see Pippa the Penguin, their mascot in the photos) including flag badges, flag hama beads, brownie themed shrinkles and brownie dolls. We also played several brownie games.

13th September: Cambridge Fire Station

We visited Cambridge Fire Station. We learnt about fire safety, looked at the equipment on the fire engines, tried on some of the clothes worn by the fire fighters and had a go at using the hose.

20th September: Finishing the Fire Safety Badge

During six time the Gnomes played with games and puzzles, the Pixies tried face painting, the Elves made fantasy film flowers and the Leprechauns made bracelets. We then played a series of games and quizes to complete our Fire Safety badge.

27th September: Harvest Theme

Harvest Bread  Vegetable/fruit people  Vegetable/fruit people  Beaded corn dolly

After six time and a game we found out about Harvest traditions in the UK. We then made harvest bread, beaded corn style dollies and people/monsters made from fruit and veg.

4th October: Seasons Badge part 1

apple pies leaf rubbing leaf rubbing leaf rubbing

After six time we played the game squirrels. We then made apple and blackberry pies and leaf rubbing pictures.

11th October: Seasons Badge part 2 and Blue Peter Card Challenge

After six time we played the game wee-willy-winky. We then found out about hibernating animals and played human noughts and crosses. For the rest of the meeting we made Christmas cards as part of the Blue Peter Whizz-Kidz appeal.

18th October: Party Organised by a Brownie

Wrap the mummy   Wrap the mummy  Wrap the mummy

Tonight was the last meeting of one of the brownies who has been with us for three years. She asked if she could organise and run her last meeting. She took the brownies on a wide game adventure which included wrapping up a mummy, hunting for medieval spell ingredients, and stealing money from a sleeping troll. At the end of the meeting we ate a party tea.

20th October: Vision (End of Centenary Celebration)

Vision at Bramblefields   Vision at Bramblefields

We met with the 4th Cambridge Rainbows and Guides at Bramblefields Nature Reserve. We ate baked potatoes and cake, played a wide game in the dark and then watched a special DVD. At the end of the meeting we all renewed our promise and received a special promise badge.

28th October: Chessington World of Adventures

Walking through the shark tunnel Pirate swing boat monkey swinger chairs Twisting boat

We went to Chessington World of Adventures. To see more information and photos, take a look at our trips section.

1st November: Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead activities Painting Skulls on the day of the dead Making sugar skulls dancing skeletons

We learnt about the Mexican Day of the Dead. During six time we decorated 'graves'. We then made sugar skulls, spooky lollypops, dancing skeletons, ghost cakes and painted skulls. We also sampled 'the bread of the dead'.

8th November: Divali

rangoli sari salwar kameez sari mendhi with face paint

We played a running game featuring the story of Lakshmi and the old washerwoman. We then listened to an action story about Narakasura. After this we made pictures using coloured rice, performed a puppet show of the story of Rama and Sita, tried on some Indian clothes and used face paint to draw Mehndi style patterns on our hands.

15th November: Space and promise ceremonies

constellation telescopes on ideas4kids.org Pippa signing the magic carpet Pippa looking in the 'pond'

During six time we made hama bead Christmas decorations. We then played a running game called Space Stations. We then enrolled the Australian mascot called Pippa the Pengiun. Next we made constellation telescopes and performed plays based on the stories behind the constellations. At the end of the meeting 3 new brownies made their promise.

22nd November: Christmas Around the World

Mexican God's Eye     Christingle

We heard a story from Iceland about the Yuletide and 13 yuletide lads. We then played a game based on the story. After this we made Mexican God's Eyes and Christingles.

29th November: Christmas Around the World

Rooster Julenisse Gnome Julenisse Gnome Julenisse Gnome

This week we heard about the Julenisse gnome from Norway and made a clay model of him. We also baked Spitzbuebe biscuits from Switzerland and made a Rooster (a Christmas symbol in Bolivia).

6th December: Christmas Around the World

Christmas Cribs Danish Heart Baskets

After a game of Mother Bird we played Christmas themed Italian Tombola (bingo). We then made Krakow Crib pictures, Danish heart baskets and painted our Julenisse gnomes.

13th December: End of term Party

Wrapping up a member of our six   Cake snowmen

On arrival we drew designs for a badge to celebrate 100 years of city division and made snowman cakes. We then played lots of Christmas themed party games.

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