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Autumn Term 2007
brownie traditions
This term we will work towards our Brownie
Traditions badge and our Crime Prevention badge.
crime prevention
10th September: Plays and Planning
As we arrived we tried a wordsearch and did some colouring. We then played Motherhen and Fishes. In our sixes we then planned six time, completed a quiz and made up short plays. At the end of the meeting we watched the plays and finished with some songs.

24th September: Cakes, Tarts and Biscuits

Making jam tarts  cooking biscuits

During Six Time the Elves made scratch-a-doodle pictures, the Imps decorated biscuits, the Gnomes made Shrinkle key rings and magnets, the Pixies did some face painting and the Leprechauns made chocolate hedgehogs. We then made chocolate biscuits, jam tarts and chocolate crispies. Whilst they were cooking we sang songs.

1st October: Dr Who Wide Game


During Six Time the Imps and the Pixies made shrinkle keyrings, the Gnomes did some face painting, the Leprechauns played dominos and happy families and the Elves made bracelets. We then played a Dr Who Wide Game. We jumped from car to car on the 'motorway' and threw rocks at the Macra aliens, we decoded writing on the impossible planet that was so old even the TARDIS could not decode it, we 'shot' werewolves to keep Queen Victoria safe, we solved puzzles to open the door locks on a spaceship that was being pulled into the sun and we found and stole the voodoo dolls/DNA replicating devices of the Carionites. At the end of the meeting we played Keys.

8th October: Crime Prevention Part I

Making chocolate hedgehogs  Visit by policewoman  crime prevention  Decorating biscuits

During Six Time the Imps did some hand painting, the Pixies made friendship bracelets, the Gnomes made chocolate hedgehogs, the Leprechauns decorated biscuits and the Elves did some face painting. We then had a visit from a policewoman who discussed how to keep ourselves safe and protect our property. We then played Pirates and sang some songs.

15th October: Crime Prevention Part II

During Six Time the Imps did some face painting, the Pixies did some hand painting, the Gnomes played Jenga, the Leprechauns went on a blindfold hike, and the Elves played the poison pebble game. After six time we played N-S-E-W. We then performed safety plays in our sixes and made 'respect other people's property' posters. At the end of the meeting we did some singing.

29th October: Halloween


During six time the Pixies and Imps made Halloween stainglass decorations, the Elves and Leprechauns made Halloween masks and the Gnomes made Halloween bookmarks. In our sixes we then hunted for the answers to a quiz about the history of Halloween customs and how Halloween like festivals are celebrated in different countries. We than played scary statues, musical zombies, pass the cauldron and ate party food.

5th November: Bonfire Night

sparklerglass paintingclay modelshamma beadssparklers

Tonight we did some glass painting, made hamma bead decorations and clay ornaments. We then went outside to hold a sparkler. After this we ate chips and hotdogs.

12th November: Time Travel - A Meeting from the 1950s

tying the tie  an elephant came out to play  1950s uniform

During six time the Imps made bracelets, the Pixies made up a dance, the Gnomes did some glass painting, the Leprechauns made jigsaw puzzles and the Elves decorated fans. Once six time was over we journeyed back in time to 1950. For this meeting Panther was called Brown Owl, Otter was Snowy Owl and Squirrel was Tawny Owl. We sang our six songs and then made the 1950 promise and said the law. We then looked at some badges and record cards from the 1950s and one of us dressed up in the 1950s uniform (well almost - the sleeves should be long not short). Next we played a singing game from the 1950s (an elephant came out to play) and then split into 'golden bar', 'golden ladder' and 'first class' groups. In our groups we lit a candle, folded a 1950s style tie, found out more about brownie traditions in the 1950s and tied a reef knot with a strawberry lace.

19th November: Time Travel - A Meeting from the 1980s

trying on old uniform    balancing a book on head    trying on old uniform

During six time the Imps and Elves made marshmellow snowmen, the Pixies decorated biscuits, the Gnomes decorated fans and the Leprechauns did some face paintings. We then journeyed back to the 1980s. After looking at some uniform and old badges we played a game from the 1980s called 'Rats and Rabbits'. After this we split into 'Footpath', 'Road' and 'Highway'. The footpath made Good Turn cats, the Road played Kim's game and the Highway communicated using semaphore. At the end of the meeting we tried on old uniform, had a go at some shorter challenges from the 1980s and sang 'Auntie Monica'.

26th November: Making a Time Capsule

brownie uniform designs  our brownie uniform designs  time capsule

During six time the Imps decorated biscuits, the Pixies and the Leprechauns made marshmellow snowmen, the Gnomes played Jenga and the Elves played Happy Families. Next we all played Fishes but changed the fish names to Tuna, Salmon, Cod and Herring by popular request! After this each six designed a brownie uniform of the future. We started by drawing round someone in our six. We then painted our design to make a lifesize picture. When this was finished each six wrote a letter to Brownies in the future predicting what would be the same and different, asking any questions they would like the answers to and telling them about brownies in 2007. We also made collages from magazines so that brownies in the future can see the pop stars and television programmes we are interested in.

1st December: Trip to Cadbury World and the Sealife Centre

playing with chocolate touch poolwatching sea turtle

We went to Cadbury World and the Birmingham Sealife Centre. To find out more see out trips section.

3rd December: Coke and Questions

During six time the Leprechauns played Uno, the Elves made up a dance and the Pixies, the Gnomes and the Imps did some hand painting. We then took part in a quiz. Each six formed a team and had crisps and fizzy drinks on their table. The rounds were History of Guiding, Old Brownie Badges, Animals, Current Badges and General Knowledge. The Elves won but the Pixies came a close second.

10th December: Refugee Giant Board Game

Giant game    giant game    giant game

As we arrived we played with balls, skipping ropes, Jenga, lego and card games. We then played Fishes. After this we discussed what the word refugee meant. In groups of three or four we made a list of ten items we would take with us if we suddenly had to leave our home. We then played a giant board game which helped us to think what life might be like for a refugee.

17th December: Ice Skating and Christmas Party

ice skating  skating  skating

Tonight the older Brownies went Ice Skating on Parker's Piece. The younger brownies and those older brownies who couldn't come skating enjoyed a Christmas party that included sleeping Elves and chocolate fondu! A big thank you to Squirrel for organising the party!
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