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9th June: Trip to Gulliver's Theme Park

We went on a District Outing to Gullivers theme park. We went on the log flume, the rollar coaster, the chair swing, jungle river, drop down, the train, in the maze and many other rides!

log flume  log flume  log flume
flying carpet  swing chairs  pirate boat

1st December: Cadbury World and Birmingham Sealife Centre

outside cadbury world

At Cadbury World we watched talking heads and holographic presentations about the history of Cadbury's, saw chocolate demonstrations and had a go ourselves, visited Father Christmas, went on a chocolate ride, tasted chocolate and played in the purple planet interactive area. We then went to the Sealife centre where we touched sea creatures, saw fish that glowed in the dark, watched otters, saw seahorses and giant sea turtles and went in an underwater themed mirror maze. On the way home we stopped for Burgerking/KFC.

playing with chocolate   piping chocolate   catching chocolate
jumping on chocolate   touch pool   giant crab
under water tunnel   otter
watching sea turtle          mirror maze
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